I'm playing through this game right now and I'd like to offer tips

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User Info: AerealFlux

4 years ago#1
For any future players

1. This game is bad. It is very slow. I hope you have a second monitor because there are levels where you could finish two 30 minute episodes in.
2. This game is easy. Very easy. If one of your human characters die ingame, it's game over. Demons can be replenished.
3. Demons suck.
4. Magic sucks
5. Physical is best.
6. MC can't learn magic, but second character can
7. Don't forgo putting points into Magic as it governs your magic defense and if you leave it low you will get messed up.
8. Yellow demons always have an 80% chance of being persuaded to join your team
9. You can grind in certain areas so don't worry about getting stuck
10. Gems are used in shops to buy very powerful items, however you probably won't have enough until you reach Hell
11. I am up to level 42 right now. I do not know how many levels this game has, but I imagine I still have a long ways to go
12. Don't let Orthrus take all your experience in the beginning.
13. This game is a lot like Fire Emblem
14. There is a partial translation out there. It helps a lot, however it doesn't translate much of the story.
15. The earthquakes are caused by a machine you take out in time. Don't worry. They are of no danger to you.
16. You will need a lot of patience for this game.
17. Stand on portals to stop demons from respawning. They are always weak but are very annoying.
18. There are healing pools you can stand on. These will replenish a lot of your health and mp. Plan strategies around these if you can because if you use them correctly you will win.
19. Different demons are weak to different attacks. That percentage in the bottom right corner is your attack's effectiveness. 100% is best, 10% is worst. You can see the effectiveness of different spells before you cast them.
20. One type of magic has a 75% effectiveness rate against all demons. Only use it if nothing else will work better.

I can't think of any more. I am uploading a playthrough of this game to Youtube.

My channel is http://www.youtube.com/user/PyceV2. If you like it please subscribe because I will be very grateful.

If you need any more help or advice, feel free to contact me there because I won't get it if you PM my Gamefaqs account.

Good luck. If anyone decides to write a FAQ or Walkthrough for this, I will be happy to help you.
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  3. I'm playing through this game right now and I'd like to offer tips

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