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User Info: n0manarmy

5 years ago#1
I'm going to attempt to remake Jones in the Fast Lane for the Android Platform and was curious as to everyone's thoughts about the economy. Do you think it is completely random to which way the economy goes or do you think that there are hidden factors in the game that can cause the economy to swing one way or the other? I've played through quite a few games and more often then not the economy seems to get progressively worse more than it does better.
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User Info: LobsterSan

5 years ago#2
Good luck on the endeavor! Please post your progress back here if you get anywhere with it.

As to the economy -- I've probably played through the game at least a couple hundred times, and my gut instinct is that there are tendencies that the economy can take and it might be determined at the start of each new game. Which pattern the economy uses is random, but it seems that some games have rather uneventful economies while others are rollercoaster rides.

I've also had a couple of gamesaves in which I was at week 500+ and the economy seemed to flatline in a recession at around week 150. I was buying up gold like a madman just waiting for inflation to hit, but it never did.

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