*stalks the board*

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User Info: SuperDavio

8 years ago#1
Dimensional Ambush! *attacks board with RP need*
"You can tell I'm awesome because I can press forward and B at the same time."-Sephlock on Bardock
# of people who respect me: 7

User Info: pokemonzx

8 years ago#2
Holy ****! We have a mole!! FLEE!!!
The SSBBSB's Official(Self appointed) PDF(Proud Disgaea Fan)

User Info: tgs2

8 years ago#3
He isn't a mole >.>
You may take Mr. Rogers down, but I will be back and become more powerful than you ever imagine
"tgs is taking it alone"

User Info: evildarknight

8 years ago#4
He's one of the RPers that was here before you ZX. :x
There is no such thing as love in the world.
Why were we created, if we are going to die in the future?

User Info: _IPN_

8 years ago#5
*is freaked out by stalker*
The Forum needs More Cowbell.
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