So I thought of you guys the other day.

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User Info: wg64Z

7 years ago#1
Me and my buddies were super drunk/slightly stoned last night and we decided it would be fun as hell to make a top 10 list of our favorite games of all time, one game per series, with commentary on the games.

My top ten was

1. Halo 2
2. Chrono Trigger
3. Super Metroid
4. Pokemon Red
5. Starcraft
6. Mega Man X4
7. Guitar Hero 3
8. Street Fighter IV
9. Final Fantasy X
10. Metal Gear Solid 2

I was so close to putting Chrono > Halo 2, but when I started talking about Halo 2 and building it up I realized that no other game even came close to the amount of enjoyment I got out of playing with you guys. What other game can you honestly say made you a part of a family? Complete with its own dark history, betrayals, moments of supreme happiness and epic disappointments. Sure, other games have long, complicated storylines like that, but what made Halo 2 different was that those moments were all real. They weren't imposed by the game, they were real emotions based on our interactions with each other.

I ended up telling my friends the entire story of The Branded Few, from that game with Clos going rogue on Zanzibar and murdering the **** out of the whole team single handily on the beach, to the epic base defense West threw up on Collosus, and of course the epic fail by me, PENI "Frodo Baggins" 2 on Containment, to the 8 player big team game on Zanzi where they put the game into a perpetual sudden death by hiding on the beach with the bomb, waiting for us to leave the base and win, and we collectively sent out search parties and did recon one at a time to find the bastard, then hunted them all down and won.

I told them about all the arguments, the mutiny's, the rivalries both internal and external, the websites and profiles, the tournaments, the pranks, the grand theft halo's, the standbyers we actually managed to defeat, the disappearance of CK and me barely trying to keep the clan together during the so called dark days, and the eventual return of Ck and the entire day we spent trying to think of a new clan name, only to end up keeping our original name cause it's too ****ing awesome, and of course the website with all our mug shots and Ck commenting on every single one like an ass lol.

I told them all about Clantastik, the never ending game, the time I booted Darbs from the party and we immediately revoked my Overlord status, only to vote it right back in, the air drops and hog pickups in waterworks, the bash brothers, the epic zombie games in foundation, those times where we didn't even play and just sat in the lobby and talked, or watched a movie, the absolute mind ****ing Ck and Angel dished out to shady, our plans to go to E3 all based around Polankers ability to scam his friend into giving us passes.

I talked about our comrades, both intact and fallen. Curtis Fogle, Big Mike, Nate the Newt, Mechhawk, Nitecrawler, Nuke, Lavis and Albian among others I may be forgetting, I told them how I straight up refused to let my real friends join cause they were too bad, and during that day on Larger than Live I realized I belonged with The Branded Few.

Basically, I almost shed a single tear telling my friends about all the experiences and people i've met while playing one video game, Halo 2. Hopefully by reading this you find some unturned memories and think about them for a while, and realize how ****ing amazing of a chapter this game is in our lives.

Ck, Darbs, Jump, Clos, Absolut, Winston, West, Einsen, Jett, Silver, Polanker, Angel, and leprak00n. I hope you guys all feel at least a little bit like how I do, and I think for the most part you do. Caucasians, Hispanics, Asians, Blacks, Canadians, who cares? When it came to game time all that matters is Red or Blue.

Also this:

Hover Boards don't work on water! Unless you've got POWER!!

That is all, G'night TBF.

User Info: wg64Z

7 years ago#2
Oh yeah, and get Reach.

Warriors, come out and PLAAAaaaAAAAY

User Info: ckcsabre

7 years ago#3

User Info: Minkytron

7 years ago#4
I really don't think I could have said it better. I honestly doubt that there will ever be another time in my life that I look back upon with so much love. Nothing will ever compare to those days.

I love you guys.
"King Kong gave you an erection?" - WestX21
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