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User Info: FinalFLuver

5 years ago#1
i thought i would go to cathena a try to level up my kharg party, im in chapter 6 and they are only at about level 20-23. Anyways i thought id start with the 5 battle arena fights and do those for a while until i level up some and get strong enough for the 15 and eventually 20 (to get diekbeck).

shotgunnovas guide gives some opponents and enemy formations for each level (5,15,20)
but in my first 2 battle of the 5 rounder ive fought enemies from the 15 rounder??

i mean we're talking 8 level 16 enemies in the FIRST battle of the EASIEST round?

im using kharg and maru(with napping bell), but if napping bell doesnt put the enemies to sleep, then maru gets his butt handed to him

is there any advice anyone can give me?

User Info: FinalFLuver

5 years ago#2
ok so i just lost in the 2nd battle against the 8 bandits, they're hitting for 40-50 damage each on maru and he was dead in 4 attacks...... this is ridiculous

someone please help a girl out :(

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