Where do I get the seed maker?

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  3. Where do I get the seed maker?

User Info: xion1

7 years ago#1
I just got this game and I saw that there was a way to become rich quick from banana seeds but I need the seed maker for this and I was wondering where or when do I get the seed maker?
don't do it.
You'll thank me later.

User Info: xion1

7 years ago#3
^I'm pretty sure I wanna do it just tell me.

User Info: TheLittlestH0bo

7 years ago#4
Trust us you don't want to do it. You'll buy everything, and with nothing to work towards, the game will be robbed of what little fun there was to be had in the first place.
Pixels? This game isn't 16 bit you know.--- Iwantedzero
^ This

User Info: xion1

7 years ago#6
No please tell me I just need to use it to buy small stuff for my animals and a few seeds nothing more but I can't now cause i'm out of money and have no more crops or seeds so please tell me I'm at my wits end.

User Info: BrandonLogan

7 years ago#7
You get it by making Daryl love and marry you.

User Info: flipwits

7 years ago#8
Don't you just order it from the ledger?

I don't really care if you get rich and bored in this game, since you'll get bored eventually anyway.
As of yesteryear, I am your new steam-plane captain.
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User Info: TheCanadianOne

7 years ago#9
There are 2 ways you can get it,
you can either order it or you can befriend Daryl and he will give it to you.
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Now the other giraffes might...die.

User Info: Luckiergirl

7 years ago#10

Like five years later, and still no one reads the sticky.

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