The Skill Prevail/Potential

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User Info: XFrozenNarutoX

9 years ago#1
Soo, i was wondering if anyone could give me the percentages of the skill Prevail ( or in the FAQS Potential ) for activating? It would help alot, because i can't decide to give it to Masaki or not...
His Cybuster gets hit quite alot... So i thought maybe Prevail will help?

User Info: MarsDragon

9 years ago#2
Not sure. I think (going from poorly translated Japanese site) that it activates at the percentage of HP as determined by the level you have it at (below 10% HP at level 1, below 50% at level 5), but it gets stronger as your HP gets lower.

Problem is that even then it's really not worth it, since at that point all it takes is one bad roll on the RNG and you're dead. It's pretty much only even usable on super robots with tons of HP, like the Grungust, and those pilots tend to come with it anyway. You're better off buying Cybuster some mobility, giving Masaki an S rank in air, or just giving him more dodge stat.
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User Info: XFrozenNarutoX

9 years ago#3
Masaki already has a S rank at Air combat, and Ground/Water/Space as well, so he can use bases for extra dodge/def ability and Hp/En regenate
The problem is that he can't avoid and hit bosses pretty well ( im at the 2nd last boss battle right now )
I already has Double Image for him... But it doesn't back up my problem pretty well
Maybe i will try to get 2 parts to increase his dodge/hit bu 30% instead of Double Image....

User Info: legoman727

9 years ago#4
Masaki does come with Alert.... Use it before he attacks a boss, and you've at least avoided one hit.
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User Info: Smithy_Jones

9 years ago#5
if he is having trouble hitting bosses raise his hit stat
raising both the hit and evade stats will help out

the last SP skill misaki learns is Strike
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User Info: Ifusaso

9 years ago#6
If you get lucky and end up between 1k and 0 hp, Prevail L2+ can be ridiculously good... I hit a mini boss with a 4.5k attack (A rank toward his type) and did less than 400... admittedly he had high defense too but still...
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User Info: XFrozenNarutoX

9 years ago#7
What does Prevail has to do with damage except for Critical?
Doesn't it only affects HP/Armor/Crit/Evade?

User Info: Kraker2k

9 years ago#8
Lets have a look at what you said:

"Doesn't it only affects HP/Armor/Crit/Evade?"

If the boss has a high prevail level then he is going to have an increase in Armor which means he is going to take less and less damage from your attacks.

User Info: FlamingHopps67

9 years ago#9
This should help explain Potential a bit better. Hopefully the link works.

At low levels Potential isn't worth much. The boosts to a pilot's accuracy/evasion/critical rates and machine's armor are minimal.

Potential doesn't become a worthy pilot skill until it hits about Level 5 or 6. It's at these levels that evasion/accuracy rates become helpful to those pilots (Rahda, Giada, Garnet, Russell, etc.) whose accuracy/evasion stats are below par and aren't aided with other acc/eva boosting skills.

Potential boosts to armor can make units that are defensive liabilities, like the MP Gespenst Mk II, rather beastly in terms of taking damage.

Level 9 Potential and Fully Upgraded MP Gespenst Mk II (Armor = 1500)

When HP is at 81 - 90%, Armor = 1575
When HP is at 71 - 80%, Armor = 1650
When HP is at 61 - 70%, Armor = 1725
When HP is at 51 - 60%, Armor = 1800
When HP is at 41 - 50%, Armor = 1875
When HP is at 31 - 40%, Armor = 1950
When HP is at 21 - 30%, Armor = 2025
When HP is at 11 - 20%, Armor = 2100
When HP is at 01 - 10%, Armor = 2175

And this is just for a generic Gespenst.

User Info: XFrozenNarutoX

9 years ago#10
Oh whoops...
I thought u meant that the attacking pilot has the skill Prevail hitting the mini boss doing less than 400 dmg
Sorry, was a misunderstanding
And thanks FlamingHopps67 for the info list of when it activates
That really helped me!

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