hard and normal difficulties..

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User Info: chigyro

9 years ago#1
is there any difference if you play on normal or hard mode?such as secret boss that you can fight only in hard or something else??
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User Info: DarkDante_sw

9 years ago#2
The only difference is the difficulty, hard mode is a lot more harder than normal.

User Info: shinybtw

9 years ago#3
Basically its just...
Enemies attacks are twice as strong than normal
Cant run
The prices for items and beads are three times higher.

User Info: ezimaru

9 years ago#4
hard is just hard for the sake of it, nothing extra gained except for the challenge.
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User Info: TatsuSuou

9 years ago#5
As other people have said, it's just harder and that's all. It is REALLY hard too, at least until you beat a certain boss about 10-15 hours in then it gets a bit easier.

User Info: Gira_sol

9 years ago#6
The differences between Normal and Hard mode:

-Items are 3x more expensive
-Traps and damage zones deal 3x the damage
-Poison inflicts 3x the dmg while walking
-You cannot run from fights(unless you use an item or skill to escape)
-Enemies deal 2x the damage
-Instant kill spells are more effective
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  3. hard and normal difficulties..

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