Can't beat Trumpeter...

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User Info: Smelly_Garage

9 years ago#1
He kills Demifiend first for some reason....

I learned that it's the PERCENTAGE of health remaining and not the amount, but I can't really control that since the only healing spell I use is Prayer which heals the whole party fully.
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User Info: gogues

9 years ago#2
Keep a demon with low hp in your non-active party and bring him out when it's time for the melodies, then revive him with a revival bead and wait for the next melody to resummon him, that way you can avoid any healing effects. It helps if it is a relatively weak demon so that you can let it get hit by the trumpeter's other attacks if necessary to lower the hp sufficiently.

User Info: Look over there

Look over there
9 years ago#3
Got life stones and medicine left? IIRC, life stones heal 25% HP and medicine are a set 50 HP.

User Info: Mewseeker

9 years ago#4
Or use Mediaharan and then have someone use a Physical Skill.
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  3. Can't beat Trumpeter...

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