Suggested time to do each Kalpa? (spoilers)

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User Info: TheRazaman

9 years ago#1
I was wondering what all you vets would suggest is the best time to start doing the Kalpas.

Should I do them one at a time as soon as possible, or should I wait for as long as possible to begin them?

Currently my MC looks like this:

Level 34
17 Str
2 Mag
12 Vit
9 Agi
4 Luck (all those are base stats; meaning without counting whatever the Magatama give me)

Analyze, Life Bonus, Tornado, Force Boost, Focus, War Cry, Anti-Force and Might are my skills.


Kamudo (mastered)
on a side note about these: I tried equipping Hifumi right before i level'd up several times to learn the final skill Void Force, which the FAQ's dont list, but he's not learning it when i level up. Odd. Also, how/when does Tornado become MegaCutter (and in general how to skills upgrade)?

Sovereignty (tenth)
Foundation (ninth)
Dignity (eigth)
Eternity (seventh)

And I am currently in Kabukicho Prison, about to fight Mizuchi.

Following the FAQ by A l e x (anyone else notice that the East/West directions in the beginning before Forneus/when u first meet the mop demon, and some of the left right directions later on are backwards? Or am i just crazy? Its a great guide though).
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User Info: Giga-Ryu

9 years ago#2
I'd go for it once you get all the candle thingys. I finished the final Kalpa when I defeated Sameal(sp?). Big red winged snake thingy.
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User Info: KyoshiroMibu

9 years ago#3
I dunno if you do this on nomal or hard mode. In normal, you can do the kalpas as soon as it becomes available. In hard, you don't have to do that.

Generally, what you want from the kalpas is the Deathstone(s). And the TDE, if you plan to finish the Labyrinth. Now take the 1st kalpa for example. You can access it right after defeating the Matador. But for you to have access to the 2nd kalpa, you must defeat the 2nd and 3rd fiend and obtain their candelabra first. So, unless you want to create a Matador at that moment, or need that special Pisaca for 15,000 macca (this one has Life Drain, Liftoma, Lightoma, Estoma, Trafuri and other useful spells), there is no use doing the 1st kalpa for you cannot go further then.

Same thing for the next kalpas.
But for the 2nd one, IIRC you can obtain 250,000 macca if you manage to survive through the "cursed area". Nice, huh? This is valid until you defeat the boss of the 4th kalpa, which will lift the curse. For access to the 3rd kalpa, I think you need to defeat 3 out of the 4 knights of death. And that won't happen soon enough. So I think that 250,000 macca is the only attracting factor of the 2nd kalpa, aside from the 2 Deathstones you can find there.

As for the Void Force skill, I think your level is still too low to learn it. Check the magatama menu, you can see which magatama is moving and which one doesn't. When you level up, you'll learn something from the moving magatamas. For the magatamas which stand still, your level is not sufficiently high to learn the skill. Probably this is the cause?
Wind Cutter (mega dmg, force, single) is learned from the Gundari magatama. So, still a long way to go. Only your demons can shift skills / spells occasionally, the main cannot.

User Info: TheRazaman

9 years ago#4
Thank you for the information Kyoshiro.

I just finished the First Kalpa. I will probably do the Second Kalpa once i'm around level 40, and then do Three, Four and Five near the end. The 250,000 from the Second Kalpa is too attractive to pass up.

One other question I have regarding the Deathstone Fusions. Do you get enough Deathstone Fusions to create all the Fiends in a single playthrough? If not, which are ones that are ESSENTIAL?
Try not to become a man of $ucce$$ but rather try to become a man of VALUE.
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User Info: Indignation211

9 years ago#5
You get more than enough. In fact somewhere in 4th Kalpa IIRC there is someone who sells more Deathstones for 100,000 macca each.
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User Info: xhan

9 years ago#6
1st can be done as soon as Labyrinth of Amala becomes available.

2nd I recommend doing after Ikebukero Tunnel, but ONLY if your party can tackle White Rider, since he will start ambushing you in front of savepoints after an Event in 2nd Kalpa.

3rd I think I did right when it got avaliable, and I finished the other ones (4th is substantially harder than 3rd iirc) before going to the Tower of Kagutsuhi

User Info: ACasser

9 years ago#7
Just one caveat on this....

DO NOT travel from the 2nd Kalpa to the 3rd Kalpa until you are absolutely ready to start fighting the Rider fiends. As soon as you see the scene with those particular Fiends, there's one who will follow you around from Terminal to Terminal -- don't ask me how he knows when you jump through the Amala Network to somewhere else, he just does. In short, he'll make you miserable (and force you into battle a whole heck of a lot) if you're trying to play keep-away because you're not ready to defeat him yet.

If you're looking to get all the way to the end of the Amala Labrynth, and the skill and ending that comes with that, you can put Amala off until you're about to enter the final dungeon.

User Info: KyoshiroMibu

9 years ago#8
I just finished the First Kalpa. I will probably do the Second Kalpa once i'm around level 40, and then do Three, Four and Five near the end. The 250,000 from the Second Kalpa is too attractive to pass up.

That's it! I admire the spirit. But let me give you some description of what will happen inside the cursed area. It's not called cursed for nothing, y'know?

Every step you take inside the cursed area will cut everyone's HP by .... 50% IIRC. So, basically there's no option but to wander the cursed area at very low HP, since healing is pretty much useless. The enemies you're gonna encounter there are fellows like Night Nyx (level 70, I think?), Fallen Flauros (with Deathbound, the BEST random physical skill ever), and some others I can't remember.

Spooky huh?

If it's hard mode, I think this one would be too hard but also essential as in hard mode, items in junk shops cost 3x macca as much, yes?
If it's normal, then it's fine. I suggest you get a demon with Estoma ability or Repulse Bell item (though I'm not sure if Estoma will help). You are threaten from Nyx's Glacial Blast (Ice, heavy, all), Dormina (mind / sleep -> leading to Calm Death) and Flauros' Deathbound. So make a good preparation. But in normal, it is actually not that hard.
Good luck!

User Info: ACasser

9 years ago#9
The effectiveness of Estoma (or a Repulse Bell) is very heavily dependent on the MC's level as compared to the level of the monsters in the area. If the MC is vastly below the levels of said monsters, its almost entirely useless -- and since the monsters in the cursed area of the 2nd Kalpa are often above level 80, that means it will do almost nothing for you. A better investment for the cursed area might be demons with Trafuri (or the item equivalent), to guarantee escape from the fight rather than getting one's rear end kicked.

You'll also want some healing, so you can survive one turn of combat if you don't get the first strike in. However, since Nocturne is nice enough to use that colored meter in the bottom of the screen to give you an idea of when you're about to be attacked, you can save the healing for that particular eventuality.

As for entering the third Kalpa, the troublesome Rider in question is the White Rider. So long as you're wary of God's Arrow (guaranteed kill on a target not immune to Expel) and the Virtues he will summon, you can probably deal with him as if he were almost any other boss. Virtues are weak to Force, but they can also be turned to stone and left for the end of the fight. If you brought along a Valkyrie, she can Stone Gaze the Virtues and throw Tetraja up to deal with God's Arrow, which makes her really useful for this particular point.

You'll have to take out White Rider, Red Rider, and Black Rider just to open the seal into the 3rd Kalpa itself, as they have the Candelabrum. Not an onerous task if you're tackling all this later in the game.

User Info: TheRazaman

9 years ago#10
[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]
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