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User Info: starforce98

8 years ago#1

im level 11 and i cant beat matador ive been trying to learn everything from the first metama so i havent got to the others so what should i do against him i cant figure out how to hit him.

User Info: _Doomsayer_

8 years ago#2
Buy the Hifumi magatama that is available from the Great Underpass junk vendor, if I remember correctly. It nullifies force attacks, and is pretty much a necessity. Level 11 is a little low to be fighting him, I would wait until 17+.
There are a couple of demons that make this fight much much easier. First, if you fuse a Pixie and an Angel, you get Uzume, who nullifies force and knows media.
I leveled up Inugami and used it once it evolved. It learns fog breath and later evolves into Makami, who isn't weak to force.

User Info: KabtheMentat

8 years ago#3
^That. Just do some grinding and make sure to get every Magatama you can find. Some might have crappy skills, but they work as excellent armor. Grinding is useful in this game because EVERYTHING costs money, even healing. So until you get Victory Cry or one of the other skills that heals HP/MPs as you move, you're going to need that cash money and a lot of it.

As a side note you may/may not know...only open those special treasure chests in a Full Moon. You get better **** mostly.

Matador may seem like a hard battle now, but once you adequately prepare for him he's ridiculously easy. There are many more tougher bosses than him. But as with Matador, if you prepare well enough they become very easy as well. The key is to have a large stable of demons with a variety of skills. Because you can either summon them for the fights, or fuse them into other, more suitable demons.

Lastly, use the four Mitama demons as skill holders. Since you can fuse them into a demon and the demon doesn't change (it just earns skills and stats, I believe) The trick is to figure out how to fuse skills you want into a Mitama. That's the hard part, and it will cost lots of Macca, but it's worth it. I'm sure if you look or ask around on how to do this someone will be able to tell you how better than I can. It's been years since I've played this game.
John Henry Eden 2012
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User Info: igniz12000

8 years ago#4
First of all get to level 14 first. Doing that does 2 things, firstly the grinding will get you macca which you then use to buy the "Kamudo" Magatama from the underpass store, dont be fooled by Matador's force affinity, its focus+Andulcia that will rip you a new one. Secondly getting to that level will let you recruit a Nozuchi which has "drain force" as a trait which helps immensely with eating press turns when fighting Matador and also frees up your MC to get Kamudo.

Here is my party recommendations

Snake Nozuchi Lvl14
Fuse a Yoma Apsaras + Divine Angel
Angel comes with Dia so make sure you get that on your Nozuchi.

Holy Shiisaa Lvl13
Fuse Fairy Jack Frost + Yoma Apsaras
Jack Frost comes with Dark might so get that on your Shiisaa, you will want to get as many press turns as you can afford especially if you cannot dispel Red capote.

For the third demon I suggest a Isora with both Rakukaja and media.

First get a Jirae Hua Po and level her up to level 9 so that she gets Rakukaja, next get a Beast Inugami and level him up once to get media. Use both those demons and fuse a Yoma Isora with Rakukaja and media. I dont remember if Matador has Dekaja that can dispel Rakukaja but at least you still will have media.

Yoma Isora Lvl14
Jirae Hua Po(lvl 9) + Beast Inugami(Lvl 14)
Try to get both Rakukaja and media on him.

Some other tips to help:

1. Head over to Ginza and to Rag's jewelry store and see if you can get Dekaja rocks, get a few to dispel Matador's Red Capote.

2. Fight Matador at a new moon, obviously if you follow my recommendations to get the Holy Shiisaa then you will want to do this anyway and secondly enemies do less damage on a new moon.

3. To fuse an Inugami get a Yoma Apsaras and a Jirae Hua Po. You can cut down on grinding time here if you level up the Hua Po now to get Rakukaja and then use her to fuse the Inugami. But make sure you dont use the Inugami though, he's weak to force which is definitely not what you will want.

User Info: KabtheMentat

8 years ago#5
^Pretty solid advice. I think I did basically the same thing when I ran into Matador.
John Henry Eden 2012
Some witty/macho/wise/Japanese/cool saying... - Generic anime/Japanese video game character

User Info: UUNKairie

8 years ago#6
I spammed Rakukaja like there's no tomorrow and I used fog breath for that battle.
The Magatama you get from Forneus gives you Fog Breath in case you didn't know.

This is pretty much the basic strategy for that jerk. Rakukaja spam protects you from Andalucia, Fog Breath or even Sukunda spamming allows you to hit him if your level is good enough.

IIRC I kind of grinded "at the other end of the brige" on the world map outside Ginza when it started getting slow, the exp there is divine.
It was fatal there but it gets easier once the normal monsters started getting really slow.
They say revenge is sweet.
I say it tastes like lead.

User Info: UUNKairie

8 years ago#7
Oh, I forgot about Dekaja, lol, I basically Attacked while Fog Breathing him because he can also dispel debuffs, I think.
They say revenge is sweet.
I say it tastes like lead.

User Info: swalnak

8 years ago#8
Matador has dekunda, but not dekaja so buffing your own side would be better.
If you did want a demon with dekaja, Minakata (also good in mantra hq) & Chatterskull get it at 21 (earliest level).

Shiisaa+ Nozuchi = Miankata, or recruit Chatterskull in Ginza (including the underpass, but has to be done at full moon).

Also I don't think the counter series can miss.

User Info: KabtheMentat

8 years ago#9
Minakata is a very good demon early on. I got a lot of mileage out of him while I was in my 20s.
John Henry Eden 2012
Some witty/macho/wise/Japanese/cool saying... - Generic anime/Japanese video game character

User Info: From_oblivion

8 years ago#10
Try and get hold of Sukukaja and/or Fog Breath. I will most definitely help.
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