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User Info: UberDarkNerd

6 years ago#1
By the time you reach Baal Avatar, you can get Masakados, you can fuse most high levelled stuff, etc.

Well...I was going through this fight again, and I did something by accident - I won BEFORE THE HELPERS ARE SUMMONED.

Here's how:
-Debilitate * 4
-Tarukaja * 4
-Whole party focus
-MC: Freikugel (crit hit)
-Ongyo-Ki: Dark Sword
-Beelzebub (human): Hades Blast (crit hit)
-Skadi: Quake
-MC: Freikugel
-Ongyo-Ki: Dark Sword (crit hit)
-Beelzebub (human): Hades Blast

Yeah, I got lucky. Still, this WORKED.
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User Info: mosspit

6 years ago#2
Killing Baal before summons is very useful during Time Trials. I steamrolled over her the first time round and did not even realize it was possible for her to have summons until I fought her again.

User Info: Stravacca

6 years ago#3
I won without her summoning the helpers and with ONLY ONE Freikugel shot after the usual Buffing/Debuffing stuff done by my demons.
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User Info: mosspit

6 years ago#4
*shrugs* 18k Hp is significantly lower than the max damage potential of a Freikugel.

User Info: Goku61394

6 years ago#5
What's the max it can do?
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User Info: Stravacca

6 years ago#6
Baal Avatar has 13000 HP
No idea how much strong Freikugel can possibily be, but it goes over 15000 points of damage.

User Info: mychemicalbert

6 years ago#7
Yeah, it's not really that hard. I've always beaten baal before those minions appear because I thought you were supposed to. Theres been a few topics about this.
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User Info: cj_iwakura

6 years ago#8
A fully buffed vs debuffed Freikugel can do like 18k with Focus. <~ Streaming games you've never heard of, nightly.
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User Info: mosspit

6 years ago#9

User Info: RuneEsper

6 years ago#10
I have personally seen a Freikugel critical for 18k+ damage on Kagatsuchi. I haven't actually witnessed a level 255, my friend was I around 190...I imagine that it would do right around 20k top end, but because of the way damage scales, it might be possible to see much higher number on, say, a Pixie.
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