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Changing Anti-Elec to Void Elec, and wondering how skill changes work.

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  3. Changing Anti-Elec to Void Elec, and wondering how skill changes work.

User Info: Lem_Gambino

5 years ago#1
I just got Anti-elec on Forneus recently, but sadly it does not negate its weakness. Is it possible to change it to Void Elec, without going through a bunch of hoops to do so?

I'm also curious about how skill changes work. I'm surprised there's no guide to them (or other mechanics like fusion) yet, despite this game being out for years. Any info is highly appreciated.
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User Info: DeuxHero

5 years ago#2
Fusion isn't that complicated for Nocturne. None of the complicated stuff like inheritance classes the newer games introduce, and thus no need for a guide beyond what is explained in the chart.

Nearest thing is some skills only pass on to demons with weapons or mouths, but otherwise, inheritance percent is based on the skill or even (not sure which it was)
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User Info: Lem_Gambino

5 years ago#3
Right, I understand that much. I mean what happens when a demon decides to change one of its skills ("This demon is attempting to change a skill..."), which skills evolve into which, and how many times.
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User Info: Nakratos

5 years ago#4
From iKelley's FAQ:

Self-Altering Skills
Sometimes when leveling up, one of your Nakama will attempt to transform one of
its skills into something more powerful. You will have to give it permission to
go ahead and try. If you do, it will have a 50% chance of success. If it fails,
the skill will not power-up, but will turn into something completely different--
which could be potentially better or worse. There will be a 100% chance of
failure if either one of the following conditions are met:

A) The demon has already successfully powered up a skill (including previous
forms if the demon is a Mutation)
B) The demon already has the "target" skill.

Here is a list of all the skills that can be powered up.

Agi/Agirao/Agidain --> Maharagi/Maharagion/Maharagidain
Bufu/Bufura/Bufudain --> Mahabufu/Mahabufura/Mahabufudain
Jio/Jionga/Jiodain --> Mahajio/Mahajionga/Mahajiondain
Zan/Zanma/Zandain --> Mahazan/Mahazanma/Mahazandain
Megido --> Megidora --> Megidoraon
Hama/Hamaon --> Mahanma/Mahamaon
Mudo/Mudo-on --> Mahamudo/Mahamudo-on
Makajama --> Makajamaon
Dia/Diarama/Diarahan --> Media/Medirama/Mediarahan
Recarm --> Samarecarm
Flame Resist --> Flame Immunity --> Flame Absorption
Ice Resist --> Ice Immunity --> Ice Absorption
Electric Resist --> Electric Immunity --> Electric Absorption
Shock Resist --> Shock Immunity --> Shock Absorption
Physical Resist --> Physical Immunity --> Physical Absorption
Hama Resist --> Hama Immunity
Curse Resist --> Curse Immunity
Nerve Resist --> Nerve Immunity
Magic Resist --> Magic Immunity
10% Life Spring --> 20% Life Spring --> 30% Life Spring
10% Magic Pulse --> 20% Magic Pulse --> 30% Magic Pulse
Bright Sky Critical/Silent Sky Critical --> Critical
Counterattack --> Fierce Counterattack --> Death Counter
Claw --> Poison Claw --> Paralysis Claw
Bite --> Poison Bite --> Charm Bite --> Paralysis Bite --> Petrify Bite
99 Needles --> Poison Needles --> Paralysis Needles --> Petrify Needles

Failure is actually only a relative failure. Each skill has a rank. This rank
determines how easy or difficult it is for a skill to be transferred during
fusion. The more difficult it is for a skill to be transferred, the higher its
rank. If a skill fails to be powered up, it will become a random skill from the
next higher rank. For example, Agi is a rank 1 skill--if it fails to become
Maharagi when an ally tries to power it up, it will become a random Rank 2 skill
instead. To see the skills and their ranks, check out the Fusion section of the

User Info: Nakratos

5 years ago#5
Agi, Bufu, Jio, Zan, Suku-nda, De-kunda, Death Touch, Claw, Bite, Charge, 99
Dia, Patra, Posumdi, Closdi, Taru-nda, Raku-nda, Lullaby, 10% Life Spring,
Allure, Beg, Bargain
Hama, Mudo, Dorminer, Plinpa, Paraladi, Petradi, Suku-kaja, Analyze, Noble-Death
Crash, Taunt, Nerve Resistence, Mind Resistence, Magic Resistance, 10% Magic
Pulse, Sexy Eye, Close Eye, Poison Claw, Poison Bite, Hell Stab, Poison Needles,
Scout, Headhunt, Smooth Talk, Request, Swap
Agirao, Maharagi, Bufura, Mahabufu, Jionga, Mahajio, Zanma, Mahazan, Shibabu,
Marin-Karin, Tetraja, Riberama, Self-Destruct, Flame Resistence, Ice Resistence,
Electric Resistence, Shock Resistence, 20% Life Spring, Bright Sky Critical,
Quiet Sky Critical, Breath of Victory, Poison Gas Breath, Parala-Eye, Brainwash,
Hero Hunt, Blackmail, Borrow, Persuade, Brown-nose, Mediate
Makajama, Media, Mepatra, Makatora, Taru-kaja, Maka-kaja, De-kaja, Lightma,
Torafulee, Discharge, Drink Magic, Kiai, Physical Resistence, Hama Resistence,
Curse Resistence, 20% Magic Pulse, Counterattack, Breath Shoes, Withstand,
Treasure Hunt, Fire Breath, Ice Breath, Fog Breath, Wing Flap, Paralysis Claw,
Charm Bite, Paralysis Needles, Yamaoroshi, Silent Sky Vow, Brotherly love, Stop,
Hamaon, Mahanma, Mudo-on, Mahamudo, Diarama, Liftma, Suicide attack, Judgement
Bolt, Endless Sleep, Strange Soundwave, Summon, Flame Enhance, Ice Enhance,
Electric Enhance, Shock Enhance, Nerve Immunity, Mind Immunity, Magic Immunity,
Chakra of Victory, Bind Voice, Battle Cry, Paralysis Bite, Rampage, Zetsumyoken,
Abduct, Stone Hunt, Selfishness, Threaten, Maiden Mediate, Booze Party
Agidain, Maharagion, Bufudain, Mahabufura, Jiodain, Mahajionga, Zandain,
Mahazanma, Raku-kaja, Estma, Hellfire, Tornado, Drink Blood, Abyssal Melody,
Flame Immunity, Ice Immunity, Electric Immunity, Shock Immunity, 30% Life
Spring, Critical, Absorption Attack, Fierce Counterattack, Chakra Shoes, Panic
Voice, Petra Eye, Iron Claw, Petrify Bite, Petrify Needles, Guillotine Cut
Megido, Tentarafu, Makajamaon, Mediarama, Recarm, Tetrakarn, Makalakarn,
Absolute Zero, Hama Lightning, Carnal Release, Randomizer, Hama Immunity, Curse
Immunity, 30% Magic Pulse, Memory Advancement, Evil Eye, Hell Fang, Reppu-Ha,
Heatwave, Anyaken
Mahanmaon, Mahamudo-on, Diarahan, Recarmdora, Shockwave, Shinkuha, Flame
Absorption, Ice Absorption, Electric Absorption, Shock Absorption, Death
Counter, Hell's Eye, Fudoken
RANK 10:
Maharagidain, Mahabufudain, Mahajiodain, Mahazandain, Megidora, Prominence,
Physical Immunity, Flame Reflection, Ice Reflection, Electric Reflection, Shock
Reflection, Attack All, Rannyuken, Venom Zapper
RANK 11:
Mediarahan, Samarecarm, Unblemished Power, Divine Retribution, Distant Prayer,
Physical Absorption, Meikai-Ha, Deathbound, Hasso-Happa
RANK 12:
Physical Reflection
RANK 13:
War Cry of Victory
RANK 14:

The names are a free translation from Japanese, but you should be able to understand the idea.

User Info: Lem_Gambino

5 years ago#6
Yeah, I get the idea. I'll just have to cross my fingers when leveling up Forneus then, he's a useful ice demon.
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User Info: Megidolaon

5 years ago#7
Get within a handful exp (less than one battle) and then save.
Reload until you get the desired change.
That's how I got very early Megidolaon among other things).
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  3. Changing Anti-Elec to Void Elec, and wondering how skill changes work.

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