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User Info: Master_Gamer

9 years ago#1
Dragon Quest 8 General Information/Frequently Asked Questions Topic 3.0

Disclaimer: All links to topics are currently made with the assumption that you’re using ten posts per page. Questions after [4.1] are on the second page.

This is a board sticky, a resource used to find information you have a question on and other generally useful stuff that’s nice to know. This is ideally a resource to be used first and foremost if you have reached a roadblock in the game or are looking for useful stuff to know before playing. If you can’t find your question in here, then it’s probably too specialized, in which case you should look in the FAQs. If you couldn’t find it there, then the GameFAQs Dragon Quest VIII board would be glad to help.

Table of Contents:

Pre-purchase Questions. [1.0]

What is this game? [1.1]
Should I get this game? [1.2]
What should I know before playing? [1.3]
I heard Dragon Quest is a grind fest… [1.4]

General Gameplay. [2.0]

Is there a New Game+? [2.1]
Which guides should I use? [2.2]
Does the main character have an official name? [2.3]
Is Hero's backstory ever explained? [2.4]
What skills should I put points in? [2.5]
I screwed up my skills/went down the “wrong” tree! Do I start over? [2.6]
Where's the best place for Exp? [2.7]
What's the best way to make money? [2.8]
How can I revive people? [2.9]
I put on some obviously cursed equipment, and now I'm cursed! And I can't take it off! [2.9]
Since Hero is immune to curses, does that mean he can wear cursed equipment with impunity? [2.10]
Where can I get a world map? [2.11]
How do I Zoom to more places? [2.12]
How can I revive people? [2.13]
How/When can I get 100 Tension? [2.14]
Is Tension any good? It seems like it's just dealing the same damage as if I’d attacked twice. [2.15]
Do monster coins do anything? [2.16]
What are the visible monsters on the Overworld? Should I fight them? [2.17]
What can I miss? [2.18]
What sidequests are there? [2.19]
I can’t beat Dholmagus! [2.20]
When does the Baccarat casino open? [2.21]
Dragovian Trials [2.22]

Monster Arena. [3.0]

When can I start the monster arena sidequest? [3.1]
How do I get to my arena monster menu? [3.2]
Where can I get better monsters just after gaining access to the Monster Arena? [3.3]
How do I beat B Rank? [3.4]
How do I beat Rank A/S? [3.5]

Alchemy. [4.0]

Which items should I not sell for Alchemy? [4.1]
What should I use my Orichalcums on? [4.2]
Time needed for the alchemy pot to finish cooking. [4.3].
How do I make money through alchemy? [4.4]

Useful links. [5.0]

Recruitable Monster Location Map [5.1]
Treasure Chest Location Map [5.2]
Monster Arena Simulator [5.3]
Equipment/Item FAQ [5.4]
Auto-leveling/farming [5.5]
Game System FAQ. [5.6]


Pre-purchase Questions.

What is this game? [1.1]

This is the eighth main entry in the Dragon Quest/Warrior series. The series in question is known for providing gameplay innovations seen in many other RPGs; for example, the multiple-party member system and monster catching. Its gameplay system is also currently the most "dated", as it features standard turn-based battles, actually appreciable difficulty, and a plot that lacks convolution.

This particular game features gorgeous cel-shading that brings its cartoonish art to life, a pleasantly streamlined old-school menu-based combat system, and a simplistic yet enjoyable storyline.

User Info: Master_Gamer

9 years ago#2
Should I get this game? [1.2]

Did you like Dragon Quest/Warrior 1-7? If so, this is one of the most accessible titles in the series. If not, then there's a good chance you won't like this, as all the sugarcoating in the game can't disguise the fact that this is just another entry in the series that does not require nearly as much grinding as some of its predecessors.

If you haven't played the earlier games: this is a turn-based RPG that has few frills (e.g. Final Fantasy games' Active Time Battle system) that complicate its simple, enjoyable storyline. Obviously you've read the reviews and looked at screenshots, because only an idiot would have this question without doing so. This is a niche game in a niche genre for a reason.

What should I know before playing this game? [1.3]

Pretty much everything you could find out by reading this.

I heard Dragon Quest is a grind fest… [1.4]

No it isn’t, at least not this game. Besides the very beginning of the game, you don’t need to grind so long as you didn’t make a habit of running away from everything.

General Gameplay. [2.0]

Is there a New Game+? [2.1]

No. Like most Dragon Quest games (or their remakes), though, there’s a post-game where you deal with optional dungeons and the like. In DQ8's post-game, you can head to a dungeon with a significantly ramped-up difficulty factor, a town afflicted by some plight or other, followed by another (shorter and easier) dungeon and finally an encounter with the Lord of the Dragovians.

After that, you can engage in the Dragovian Trials, where you fight the Lord of the Dragovians in his humanoid form and then Dragons with different gimmicks.

What guides should I use? [2.2]

Well, most people seem to like Red Scarlet’s guide. A l e x also has a guide, so if you’ve read one of his many guides before, then you may like his. Also, Naughty Monkey’s Alchemy Walkthrough topic on this board covers all the major points of the game and all "trouble spots", in addition to providing detailed
information regarding alchemy.

Of course, those are just suggestions. Feel free to look into all of them and find the ones that work best for you.

Does the main character have an official name? [2.3]

No, not as far as we know. If you really hate giving him a name and can’t be bothered to think of one on your own, the closest thing to a name a Hero in the series has had was the title Loto/Eldrich (the title differs depending on which version of Dragon Quest 3 you were playing).

User Info: Master_Gamer

9 years ago#3
Is Hero's backstory ever explained? [2.4]

Yes, in the post-game.

What skills should I put points in? [2.5]

I don’t know what to tell you. If you were smart enough to read this topic, then you should be smart enough to read the Skill Point Distribution FAQ sticky. So yeah, I’m at a loss.


I guess I could tell you that it’s not too important to look at it every other level or follow it to the exact detail. That’s it, really.

I screwed up my skills/went down the “wrong” tree! Do I start over? [2.6]

No. As the Skill Point Distribution sticky mentions, you don’t need any skills badly enough that it's impossible to beat the game without them. Try to focus on skills in one particular tree to make up for "wasted" points.

Also, there’s no “wrong” tree. For instance, even though Knives and Clubs pale in comparison to other skill trees, you can find at least some use for the skills from those trees

Where's the best place for Exp? [2.7]

If you haven't gotten a ship yet, the best place is the most current area you can stay and have the randoms be manageable.

After you get the magic ship, Exp is best attained by killing the Metal Slimes in the outskirts of the Argonian Royal Hunting Grounds at night. You find groups of about five decently often for Metal Slimes, so you can kill at least one more often than not, netting you good Exp. Alternatively, you can fight on the island northeast of Farebury for Metal Slimes that can be potentially resurrected by Treevils, but generally more annoying monsters reside there.

Although you gain access to the Dragon’s Graveyard and its Metal King Slimes after events in Arcadia, the randoms re very unpleasant at that point, so stick with Metal Slimes, especially given how Metal Slash can be combined with a Falcon Blade.

After attaining the Godbird's Soulstone, the areas accessible by air besides Howlwind/Slime Hill have somewhat frequent encounters with multiple Liquid Metal Slimes at night. Also, you should be at a high enough level to flee/Intimidate the encounters in the Dragon's Graveyard(in the middle of the desert) until you find a Metal King Slimes if you want.

For strategies killing Metal Slimes and their brethren, consult mosc's Metal Slime FAQ.

User Info: Master_Gamer

9 years ago#4
What's the best way to make money? [2.8]

Obviously the answer depends on how far into the game you are. Basically, early on, you have the choice of just killing enemies until the Pickham area. Around here, you can play Bingo for tokens to get magic waters to sell. If rigged casinos aren’t your thing, you can head over to the bottom floors of Swordsman's Labyrinth to kill those Goodybags over and over.

Once you can sail, Gold Golems become available to fight during the day at Neos's eastern side. They drop over 700 gold each, and appear fairly frequently. This becomes more viable once you can Intimidate other enemies on Neos. If you can't Intimidate them, you might want to head over to the cavern in the Ascacantha treasure room and fight Goodybags. Sure, it's 100 Gold a bag as opposed to 700 per golem, but the Neos random encounters can heal themselves, deal brutal damage, and even use instant death, so it evens out.

Once you complete events in Arcadia, the sidequest to open the Baccarat Casino opens, and this is truly the best way to make money. Playing roulette smartly can get you hundreds of thousands of gold very quickly. The simplest bet scheme that pays off well is to place a bet on every possible place in a single 3x3 square, giving you a 1/3 chance of winning, with big payoffs if you do win. If you don't win, reset the game, and try again until you do. Some people, like [Kamikazegoat23], who don't like resetting often, will eventually fill up two of the three 3x3 squares, or two complete horizontal rows, which will double your chances of winning, but you won't necessarily profit as much from a single win. You'll want to trade in tokens for Prayer Rings for 1000 tokens each, which then sell for 1500 gold coins each. Magic Waters offer the same ratio of tokens spent to gold earned, prayer rings are just ten times faster.

Of course, you should make it a priority to attain items such as the Falcon Blade and Gringham Whip first with your tokens- these high-end equips are more valuable than any sum of money.

*section written by Kamikazegoat23, with minor additions.

I put on some obviously cursed equipment, and now I'm cursed! And I can't take it off! [2.9]

Way to go not saving first, champ. Now that you're wearing a piece of cursed equipment, you’ll suffer two effects, the first being that everyone except Hero loses their first turn in battle. The second effect is equipment specific, but it’s more often than not related to the equipment, like the Zombie Mail's tendency to drain Angelo's HP while you walk around, Double-Edge's backlash, and Ruinous Shield's still adds 50 damage to all elemental attacks.

In order to take off the equipment, go to a church and select Benediction. For 30 gold times the character’s level, the equipment is taken off. This doesn't remove the curse though. To remove it, you need to put it in the Alchemy Pot with an urn of Saint's Ashes, and sometimes something else.

Also, if it wasn’t obvious, cursed equipment doesn’t break in this game when taken off, unlike some other Dragon Quest games.

Since Hero is immune to curses, does that mean he can wear cursed equipment with impunity? [2.10]

No. Hero suffers all the primary effects of what little cursed equipment he can wear. He still suffers recoil from the Double-Edge, for instance, and the Ruinous Shield will still increase damage.

Where can I get a world map? [2.11]

You get it as part of the plot fairly early in the game, as soon as you get four party members.

How do I Zoom to more places? [2.12]

Press Left or Right in the Zoom menu.

User Info: Master_Gamer

9 years ago#5
How can I revive people? [2.13]

The first and most consistently available way is to ask for the Resurrection option at a church, which revives a party member to full health for a fee based on their level. You shouldn't even need this; by the time you should be having a chance of dying, Angelo should have Zing.

The Zing series of spells is the most convenient and reliable way to revive party members. Zing has a 50% chance of reviving a party member at half HP. Angelo learns Zing at level 19, and Hero learns Zing at level 29. Kazing is a supercharged version of Zing: it always revives the target with 100% HP. Angelo learns it at level 34, and Jessica gains it through 100 Staves.

Additionally, Yggdrasil Leaves revive a PC at full health. This item can be gained by buying them in the Argonia Bazaar for 1,000 gold, or by heading to the Tree of Styx at dawn. The game will only give you one at a time through these methods. To cheat this, put the Yggdrasil Leaf in the alchemy pot with a Magic Water, and get another Leaf before taking it out of the pot.

An item which allows for revival is the Staff of Resurrection, which casts Zing when used as an item in battle. You can make these with a Life Bracer, Rune Staff, and Yggdrasil Leaf. The staff, like all items that can be used in battle even if the person can’t equip the item, so long as it’s in their personal inventory.

How/When can I get 100 Tension? [2.14]

You get 100 Tension by repeatedly using Psyche Up. Eventually, the game will not give the caption "X has reached a high state of Tension" normally when they're at 50 Tension. When Psyching Up afterwards, the character reaches 100 Tension, and from then on, everyone can reach 100 Tension after 50, but has a 1/3 success rate for each attempt. You can reach a super high state of Tension at theoretically any part of the game.

Is Tension any good? It seems like it's just dealing the same damage as if I’d attacked twice. [2.15]

The following is how Tension works for your characters:

0: 1
1: 1.7
2: 3
3: 5
4: 7.5

And for the curious, the Tension multipliers for enemies:

0: 1
1: 1.5
2: 2.5
3: 3.5
4: 5

So yes, you'll eventually do more damage through Psyching Up and then attacking than simply attacking four times, although the potential of Tension being dispelled through various means and the inconsistent rate of 100 Tension make fully Psyching Up unwise in most situations.

Also, having any state of Tension ignores the special damage reduction enemies have against physical attacks. Enemies with this are typically undead and material enemies like Soulspawn and Firespirit.

Additionally, the item Timbriel of Tension can be alchemized lategame. It's an infinite use item that gives a level of Tension to all party members, which works well in all situations especially combined with the party members Tensioning Up. It's generally recommended that Angelo wield it, as his offense is lackluster for randoms, and Jessica has a strong attack in the Gringham Whip and Twin Dragon Lash by then.

Do monster coins do anything? [2.16]

No. Sell them or keep them, whatever.

User Info: Master_Gamer

9 years ago#6
What can I miss? [2.18]

Note that this section has some mild spoilers, but no major plot points or the like are spoiled.

During several points of the game, an odd man living on a hut near the Waterfall Cave gives you cheese each time you visit him. Each time a new opportunity to get some cheese from him, you missed the previous handout.

-At the beginning of the game. This time you need to find a bag near a red tree. The reward is eight pieces of Plain Cheese.
-After gaining the Magic Ship, you can visit for four Mild Cheeses, two Cured Cheeses, and two Angel Cheeses
-After completing the Black Citadel, you can get four Highly-Strung Cheeses
-After saving the Dragovians, you can visit him for a special cutscene.

You can miss two Mini Medals by not getting the ones in Marta's Cottage or in the stable before it burns down.

The Dark Godbird's Eyrie eventually becomes inaccessible after beating the Black Citadel. Before fighting Geyron, make sure you've fully explored the place to be sure.

And that's it. Of course, it also goes without saying to visit the Magic Spring every time a major plot event occurs.

What sidequests are there? [2.19]

Besides the hut mentioned in the previous section:

Monster Arena:
So expansive it merits its own section in the sticky. There are monsters all over the world waiting to be recruited into your monster team to become the ultimate fighting force as you conquer the arena, and can even fight alongside you.

User Info: Master_Gamer

9 years ago#7
Mini Medals:
Princess Minnie, found in a castle in the middle of the world, will take any Mini Medals you find throughout the game and reward you for them once you've given her a certain amount. Taken from Naughty Monkey’s Alchemy Walkthrough:

28 Mini Medals for Fishnet Stockings. Available with Magic Ship.
36 Mini Medals for Posh Waistcoat. Available with Magic Ship.
45 Mini Medals for Staff of Divine Wrath. Available before entering Argonia Castle.
52 Mini Medals for Gold Nugget. Available before exploring Dark Ruins.
60 Mini Medals for Meteorite Bracer. Available in Arcadia.
68 Mini Medals for Miracle Sword. Available in Marta's Cottage.*
75 Mini Medals for Sacred Armour. Available in Herb Grotto.*
83 Mini Medals for Orichalcum. Available with Ultimate Key.*
90 Mini Medals for Metal King Helm. Available by Empycchu.
99 Mini Medals for Dangerous Bustier. Available with Godbird Soulstone.*
110 Mini Medals for Flail of Destruction. Available in Dragovian Sanctuary.
*With Baccarat Casino sidequest completed

Most of the medals are easily found just by looking around thoroughly in every town and using Yangus' Nose For Treasure (gained from 16 points in Humanity) on each floor of a dungeon. But many are more easily missed medals, mostly in the overworld. Taken from Red Scarlet's Mini Medal Location Guide:

Overworld: With the Thief's Key in hand, go back to Farebury, and into the forest to the southeast, following the river. At the end of the river, walk south a bit, and open the chest.

Overworld: Walk along the western wall of Argonia, and open the chest.

Overworld: Southeast of Empycchu; on the top of a hill, in a treasure chest.

Overworld: Follow the shadow of the bird, then enter the portal tothe dark world. To the east is a fallen tree. Walk around it and open the treasure chest.

Overworld: With the Godbird's Soulstone, fly to the southern area of the desert where the Dragon Graveyard was. Open the treasure chest behind you.

Overworld: Fly to the east of Farebury, and land on the high ground area by the big red tree. Once there, break open the pot on the right to find the medal.

Overworld: Fly to the east of Farebury, and land on the high ground area by the big red tree. Walk down by the water on the bottom. South of the friendly Elysium Bird, check the sand between the water and grass west of the pier (watch your compass).There is a large, leafless tree on the western edge of the area. About 7 steps east of the tree is the invisible Mini Medal. Mash the X button while walking back and forth over the sand, as it can be in varying parts of the sand.

Overworld: Land at Tryan Gully and go all the way around to behind the town. Open the chest by the Big Blue Bully (Cyclops).

If you still missed a Mini Medal, then try going to a dungeon, using Holy Protection, Padfoot, or Holy Waters and using Nose For Treasure.

User Info: Master_Gamer

9 years ago#8
Dodgy Dave:
After giving the Venus' Tear to Red, Dodgy Dave offers to trade items made through the Alchemy Pot for other, sometimes one-of-a-kind items. Taken rather shamelessly from Naughty Monkey's Alchemy Guide:

Initial Trade:
Special Medicine for 500 gold. Available immediately.
Reinforced Boomerang for 1200 gold. Available immediately
Ring of Immunity for Bandit Axe. Available after Baccarat.
Robe of Serenity for 6000 gold. Available after Argonia.
Sandstorm Spear for Happy Hat. Available after Magic Ship.
Crimson Robe for Big Boss Shield. Available after obtaining the Godbird’s Soulstone.

It's important to note that Dodgy Dave just needs to see the item; you don't need to give it to him if for instance you don't want to give up your Reinforced Boomerang but still want a Happy Hat. If you decline his trade after showing him the item, he'll go to the next item on the list and eventually back to the top. After trading the item once, consecutive trades result in varying sums of gold

Consecutive Trades:
Special Medicine for 400 gold
Reinforced Boomerang for 1000 gold
Ring of Immunity for 3,500 gold
Robe of Serenity for 4,000 gold
Sandstorm Spear for 6,000 gold
Crimson Robe for 12,000 gold

Backtracking: Going back to places you’ve been to when new stuff’s available.

-The Ultimate Key, gained after certain story events, allows you to open certain chests that were otherwise closed off by bars.
*A part of Argonia Castle has a Moon Axe and Battle Fork
*Trodain Castle has a Rusty Old Sword.
*Princess Minnie’s castle has a Double-Edged Sword, a Mini Medal and Seed of Strength.
*Red’s Place has a Seed of Agility and Garter

-You can visit the Godbird’s Eyrie in the normal world for an Orichalcum, another Gold Nugget and a pile of Dragon Dung

-Once the Black Citadel falls, all of its items are spread in barrels in the ruins of Neos.

-Visiting Red after the Black Citadel falls gets you Yangus’ Flail of Fury.

Troll’s Maze:
After the Black Citadel falls, the Chancellor of Argonia and his family have gone missing, having been trapped in a mirror in their house. Besides several chests in the ogre-infested mirror-dungeon, you’ll be rewarded two Seeds of Strength and three Seeds of Life by rescuing the Chancellor.

King Squid in Baccarat:
Again after the Black Citadel is destroyed, a King Squid is in Baccarat splashing in the fountain. By killing it, the guards offer to give you 200 tokens to cover up for them, or 400 if you refuse their initial offer.

I can’t beat Dhoulmagus! [2.20]

The fight is divided into two parts: The initial battle with the three clones, and a second part with a single Dholmagus. This is important because you can beat the first half, lose to the second, then come back with full MP.

For the first part, it’s important to have a means of picking off the clones. Hero can use Cold Cheeses to do excellent damage, and even a C-c-Cold Cheese if you feel like making it or have one already.

If you still can’t beat the second part after coming back, it may be in your best interests to farm Gold Golems for equipment. A lot of the second form’s attacks are resisted by the equipment in the Bazaar. Alternatively, you can grind until you reach level 30 for Angelo. At that point he learns Multiheal, which makes the fight a joke. You can grind for that by the magic spring near the end of the Dark Ruins.

User Info: Master_Gamer

9 years ago#9
When does the Baccarat casino open? [2.21]

After defeating Dholmagus and getting your party member back, you can accept a sidequest from the heirs of the Golding estate. By going to the Dragon's Graveyard and helping them, they'll settle their differences and reopen the casino.

If you don't do that before the Black Citadel falls, the casino will open on its own, and the Dragon's Graveyard will still be accessible. The differences being that you don't 600 tokens as a reward, and you had to wait all that time to get a Falcon Blade and Gringham Whip.

Dragovian Trials [2.22]

You know what? **** it. Really, this is supposed to be consise info, and there's no way to do this right without halfassing that. Here:


Eight post. Read. Learn.


Use the Dragovian Trials section in here.


And a whole guide dedicated to it. I can't see you having questions after this.

What level should I be?[2.X]

Are you dying too much?
-No: Carry on. Grind if you’re still feeling uncomfortable with your current stats/equips.
-Yes: See below.

Do you have the best equipment currently and feasibly available?
-No: Then work on that.
-Yes: Then you’re probably underleveled. Gain a few levels. And stop running away so damn much.

Monster Arena. [3.0]

When can I start the monster arena sidequest? [3.1]

You can start as soon as you've finished up at Asacantha. On the path to Pickham a building is clearly visible. Go around the side to the steps and talk to the strange man. It's pretty clear on what you need to do from there.

Lonely Joe: On the cliff path to the Ruined Abbey.
Squiggles: The beach near Red's House.
Smiley Slime: In front of Trodain Castle. You'll be going there in a few dungeons.

Once they've been shown their respective memos, head back to Morrie, and you can now recruit monsters.

User Info: Master_Gamer

9 years ago#10
How do I get to my monster team menu? [3.2]

There's a new section under Misc. after finishing the initial quest to give memos to monsters. You can use this to select monsters, compare stats, organize teams once you have more than one, and kick out team members.

Where can I get better monsters after just starting out? [3.3]

The monsters you’ve been given are almost absurdly weak. There are plenty of strong monsters out there to conquer the earlier ranks, as you’ve noticed through playing the game. Assuming you just want competent monsters with minimal backtracking:

Hackzilla: North of Farebury. Attacks, uses Falcon Slash and fire breath.
Brickman: Southeast of Peregrin Quay, near some ruins. Attacks, uses Tension, and desperate strikes when low on HP.
Potbelly: Peninsula southwest of Trodain Castle. Attacks, uses fire breath, and blinds the enemy team.

These monsters are guaranteed to get you to at least Rank B. There are a lot of other monsters out there, but those tend to be gotten later. Use your own judgment to determine if they’re better than your current monsters.

How do I beat Rank B? [3.4]

When exactly are you trying to beat it? It's regarded as virtually impossible to beat it at normal levels until you can access monsters in the Arcadia region and beyond (namely Curer, Roborg and Cybot). If you want to do it beforehand, you'd ideally need Dumbking to always use Oomph on Talos and have him attack the right things, and Spike for healing. If you couldn’t tell, this is failure-prone and not worth the neat equips.

Assuming you have gotten access to the Arcadia region and beyond, you can recruit Roborg and Cybot; good options and offensive powerhouses.

How do I beat Rank A/S? [3.5]

Whatever got you through Rank B can get you through Rank A more than likely, but if you're still having trouble and for preparation for the inevitable Rank S, go with the following:

Talos: Found outside Neos near the path. Hits really hard and has high HP and Defense.
Steropes: The beach west of Princess Minnie’s castle. High HP and can use desperate strikes when low on HP.
Skeldoid: Southwest of the Dark Ruins. Has relatively low HP but good Defense. It can attack twice, with each hit having a chance to put enemies to sleep.

Since these monsters don't even gain stats until the endgame levels(or not at all in Talos' case), they work very well regardless of your progress in the game. You may need to reset in case the earlier fights wear you down too badly, but this team handles like a dream as long as Steropes has little enough HP to dispatch Morrie's Liquid Metal Slime with a critical.

Also, some people like Curer, I guess.

Alchemy [4.0]

What shouldn't I sell for Alchemy? [4.1]

To be safe, everything that can be used in the pot once you get the three-item upgrade. When in the alchemy pot menu, all currently equipped items and things that can't be alchemized aren't selectable. Or to be more presice, everything you might want to use endgame to make top-tier equips that can't be bought.

Weapons: Cheiron's Bow, Eros' Bow, Conqueror’s Axe, Rusty Old Sword, Slime Crown, Miracle Sword.

Armour: Dangerous Bustier, Shimmering Dress.

Helms: Sun Crown, Slime Crown.

Accessories: Garter.

Items: Gold Nugget, Magic Beast Hide, Wing of Bat.
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