Skill Point Distribution FAQ

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    Table of Contents

    1. Why the current sticky needs to be replaced
    2. Preemptive Credits (I figured I’d put them where people would read them)
    3. General information relevant to skill builds
    a. Seeds of Skill
    b. Skill Cap
    c. Synthesis
    d. Postgame
    4. Builds
    5. Important abilities and other notes
    6. Oh fudge I already put points into the wrong skills. What do I do?

    1. Why the current sticky needs to be replaced

    If you aren’t someone deciding whether or not this should be stickied you can skip this section if you like.

    “Once you hit level 99 each character will have acquired 350 skill points. This means you can master 3 ½ skills.” The writer of the sticky gives skill advice on the assumption that a player will reach level 99 while playing the game. The highest non-completionists usually go is level 65 to get dragon soul, and even a lot of first time players won’t ever go that high. A decent player will complete the postgame their first time through around the low 50’s where the characters have around 200-250 skill points. Most experienced players beat the game in their low 40’s or less where most characters will have around 200 skill points.

    Another problem that is just as bad is that he has the attitude that if you start a skill it should be mastered before putting points into other skills. Many skill trees have good abilities or even their best ability close to the bottom of the skill tree. It is rarely the best idea to go straight for 100 points in one skill, and often a bad idea to ever put 100 points into a single skill. Most vets consider most of the 100 point abilities to have little use because the mp cost involved usually isn’t worth the effect. This is especially true of needle rain, the 100 points bows ability that almost always inflicts around 3 to 4 damage because anything worth using it on is immune to instant death attacks. Not only that but Angelo already has instant death spells that can be used against enemies that are vulnerable to it. The creator of the current sticky recommends putting 100 points in bows as soon as possible in both of the skill builds he recommends for Angelo.

    A third problem is that he is completely ignorant of some of the best abilities in the game because he totally ignores fisticuffs. 11 points in fisticuffs for Hero grants him the ability to reduce damage by 90% for one turn for zero mp cost. This is a very strong defensive ability for someone who takes a lot of enemy attacks. The only ability that might rival it in defense is evasion up, a trait that is found in… fisticuffs again! Fisticuffs also have offense. For three out of four of the characters fisticuffs has thin air, a great offensive ability for a lot of the game. For the first half of the game it is the strongest ability that hits all enemies. For the strong all enemy damage this move does you would expect a mp cost greater than 2 mp; this ability is dirt cheap.

    2. Preemptive Credits

    I used Fafnir_Volsung’s (Ryuichi’s) Game System FAQ as I made this sticky to look at the exact effects of each move. I also used Nirexine’s equipment/item FAQ in order to analyze the availability of good weapons for each set. Thanks go out to them and their very helpful creations. I would also like to thank everyone who gave me feedback in the potential skill sticky replacement thread.

    3. General information relevant to skill builds

    a. Seeds of Skill

    Giving this seed to a character lets you give them five more skill points. You get 5 of these before the postgame if you explore and one more can be found in an area in the postgame. Only a few enemies drop them and unless it’s a boss the drop rate is incredibly low. The dragon bosses in the postgame have a 1/8 chance of dropping one and you can steal from them (1/16 chance) as well. These are best used on Angelo. His skill growth sucks.