Skill Point Distribution FAQ

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    16 humanity > 6 axes > 42 fisticuffs > 19 axes > 32 humanity > 82 axes > 82 humanity

    This build (and all builds I give) gives Yangus heal right away, which is a big help in the early game. Yangus gets helm splitter early on for bosses and thin air will take out large encounters. Share magic is useful for a certain boss where mp is an issue sometimes. Executioner lets you slime hunt and kill that mean postgame boss while humanities lend support skills.

    16 humanity > 6 axes > 42 fisticuffs > 22 scythes > 32 humanity > 80 scythes > 82 humanity

    This build is like the one above except it goes scythes instead of deep into axes. Helm splitter is included at 6 axes because it’s useful even with a crappy axe and no attack boost. Scythe damage is a bit stronger than axes and includes a small chance to steal. If Hero goes spears this build is fine but otherwise the lack of a critical hit move will cause some issues on a certain nasty postgame boss. Also the lack of executioner will make power leveling more difficult if you want to do that, although I don’t think power leveling is needed if you play the game well.

    16 humanity > 6 axes > 42 fisticuffs > 80 scythes > 66 axes (> 82 axes)

    This build also finishes at level 41. This build has all the offensive goodies and lets you steal but lacks some support abilities in humanity. Later in the game when you have both good axe and scythe skills you won’t have to worry about the finances of having two weapons because there are good free weapons for Yangus later on. If you level a few extra levels you’ll pick up another attack bonus in axes.

    16 humanity > 6 axes > 70 scythes > 32 humanity > 80 Scythes > 66 axes > 42 humanity > 82 axes

    This build finishes at level 41. It sacrifices all enemy damage for strength in both axes and scythes and some support in humanity. Use this if your other characters are doing a lot of thin air. If not then some of the points are probably better spent on thin air.


    57 Staves > 78 Sex Appeal > 100 Staves > 23 Whips > 100 Sex Appeal

    This gets Caduceus (free healing) as early as possible. 78 in sex appeal gives her support for random battles. Kazing is snatched as early as possible for the postgame. The extra mp and especially the mp regeneration will also be useful then. Twin dragon lash at level 40 lets her do competitive damage versus the postgame bosses. You get hustle dance at level 43 which is late even for the postgame, especially since Jessica slightly lags in levels.

    57 Staves > 78 Sex Appeal > 100 Staves > 100 Sex Appeal > 23 Whips

    This is a variation of the above build. She gets hustle dance at level 40 instead of 43. If you don’t plan on using your orichalcum (You only get 6) for another sages stone (free multiheal, reusable) you can give the free one to Yangus and let Jessica heal the party with hustle dance.

    3 Staves > 68 Fisticuffs > 23 Whips > 100 Staves (> 100 fisticuffs)

    Accelerate is always useful. This gives her thin air at level 22. She has enough mp to throw this constantly at almost every encounter. Evasion up will give her some more survivability. Twin dragon lash at level 26 is for killing bosses in the second half of the game. This build is more offensive and as a downside she lacks some of her support moves and cannot heal for a long time. You might want to compensate for this with mp friendly builds on other characters (Share magic, Seraph’s arrow). She gets magic burst at level 43. Magic burst is gotten because there’s not much else to do with her points after kazing; the postgame can be finished without this move.