Skill Point Distribution FAQ

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User Info: DCdemonic1

8 years ago#211
The amount you gain per level is set and at level 99 each character will have 350 skill points. If you want to see the breakdown of how many each character gets at any specific level check the game systems faq or the skills/spells faq, they should have a chart.

User Info: SpyForHire

8 years ago#212
Great job tc
~ S4H
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User Info: Strife2

8 years ago#213
I forgot how long it's been since I posted here (was called a troll...heh). Anyway, I'm playing this game again, and I'm planning on going through the spear, scythe, and bow heavy builds, and I'm trying to decide which two characters should get Thin Air.
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User Info: fetalboy

8 years ago#214
I just don't see why you'd ever develop a character's Fisticuffs unless it was to be their main skill. I followed one of the tc's Yangus builds and dropped 42 points into Fisticuffs before I realized I was never gonna use it. I mean, why would I go around w/ no weapon equiped when I've got mad Scythe and Axe skills? Same thing w/ Jessica's Staves. Just not that usefull.

User Info: DCdemonic1

8 years ago#215
Since you can equip/unequip weapons between rounds I don't see any downsides to developing fisticuffs. At 42 Yangus gets thin air. You walk around using an axe/scythe and when you hit a random battle with 6-8 enemies you unequip the weapon and use thin air to deal high damage to all the enemies. Next round re-equip the weapon and go back to what you were doing with it.

For Jessica or Angelo the evasion bonus helps immensely. Since Angelo becomes a dedicated healer/buffer/ToT user late game for me and NEVER attacks after getting the first ToT (except when metal slime hunting) I don't need a weapon. That means I stick with unarmed for the +10/15 agility and <50% evasion bonus. Same with Jessica during boss battles between TDL. If casting spells or psyching up what's the point of having a weapon. Simply take it off for the +10 agility and <50% evasion bonus. If you have thin air there's even less reason to have a weapon equipped for random battles.

The only person I agree that I don't see a point in building fisticuffs is the hero (for my play style anyways). Super throw is worth the extra 10 points than thin air and I have never used defending champion.

User Info: fetalboy

8 years ago#216
*did not know you could change weapons between rounds*
I've been thinking of replaying this game. When I do, I wanna take my skill sets more seriously (last playthrough, they were horrible :P) Help me with these builds?

Hero: 18 Boomerangs > 16 Courage > 52 Swords OR 59 Spears > 90 Courage > 11 Fisticuffs

Yangus: 16 Humanity > 6 Axes > 42 Fisticuffs > 66 Axes > 70 Scythes (> 42 Humanity)

Jessica: 3 Staves > 23 Whips > 18 Sex Appeal > 100 Staves (> 100 Sex Appeal)

Angelo: 88 Bows > 13 Charisma > 40 Swords > 21 Fisticuffs (> 52 Charisma)

I can't really decide between swords and spears for Hero, and I'm not set on bows for Angelo, I could also get swords for him. Whoo... long post is long. =))
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User Info: doomie22

8 years ago#218
i like some of the skill sets listed but i hate having to carry multiple weapons. i plan on going all the way to max lv so is it a good idea to max skills so i only have to carry like 2 weapons with each character. here's my skill plan: Hero- Sword (100) and Courage (100) and boomerang with whats left. Yangus- Axe (100) and Humanity (100) and Scythe with the extra pts. Jessica- Staff (100) and Sex Appeal (100) and Whip with the extra pts. Angelo- Sword (100) and Charisma (100) and Bow with the extra pts. Does this seem like an ok build. im not looking for perfect but i want enough to beat the game and Dragon trials.
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User Info: doomie22

8 years ago#219
never mind i switched jessicas skills. Whip (100) and staff with whatever is left. im trying to get the weapons i will have equipped for most of the game at 100. i know that i can switch weapons without using my turn but i just want to leave weapons be unless i HAVE to use a great skill during a boss fight but regular fights i will just use the skills i have with the weapon i use most with each character.
"Feel the sweet embrace of Satan's hoof against your face!" ~Master Shake (ATHF The Movie)

User Info: pokemaster09

8 years ago#220
I'd like to point out a correction in this guide. You can maximize a skill to 100 at lv 35.
I know this because i was in dragon graveyard and picked off a metal slime, leveled to 35, and maximized my boomerang skill:D{didnt know any better at the time :( }

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