Skill Point Distribution FAQ

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User Info: sword692

6 years ago#241
A very helpful and informative topic! I'm using these builds right now and Thin Air is seriously overpowered. The thing is that now I'm going to have to buy a lot of Magic Water so I can spam it over long periods.

User Info: SNAGRAT_LlE

6 years ago#242
thank you

User Info: watcharaw

5 years ago#243
This topic is really great and help me play through the game with ease.

I would like to share skill build I use in case it would help other ... All the build should finished around early 40. These builds are designed to beat the trial as early as possible.

Note: The post contain spoiler so ignore it if you want to learn everything by yourself


Both builds start from getting Zap and 75% mp early for random encounter follow by a move for mid-game boss fight. Then getting Omni Heal, 50% mp, ultimate move, and defending champion for late game boss fight and the trial.

From my own experience, if you plan to beat the trial at low level, Lightning Storm or Gigagash are essential skills to have in your arsenal (except against Darksteel and Divine Dragon) as both move will do more damage than un-oomph Dragon Slash + Dragon Slayer combo. Both skills can be learnt as early as lv 38 if you feed hero all the seeds of skill.

1) 56 courage ---> 45 spear ---> 90 courage ---> 100 spear ---> 11 fisticuff ---> 9 Sword (210 SP)

Key skill learn ---> Zap lv 17 ---> 75 MP lv 19 ---> Multitrust (for boss fight) lv 24 ---> Clean Sweep lv 28 ---> Omni Heal lv 32 ---> 50% MP lv 33 ---> Lightning Trust (Metal Slme Hunt) lv 35 ---> Lightning Storm lv 41 ---> Defending Champion ---> lv 42 ---> Dragon Slash lv 44

Clean sweep is a decent free MP AOE move for random encounter in the mid game as powerful spears can be obtain quite early. Lightning Storm is the very best skill for random encounter when combined with ToT. U should be able to end most random encounter within the first round, even the post game dungeon. With 50% MP, Lightning Storm will only cost 13 MP which is not very expensive to spam (healing is more expensive...) You can kiss Boomerang good bye forever...

2) 56 courage ---> 52 sword ---> 90 courage ---> 82 sword ---> 100 courage ---> 100 Sword ---> 11 fisticuff (211 SP)

Key skill learn ---> Zap lv 17 ---> 75 MP lv 19 ---> Metal Slash (Metal Slime Hunt) lv 25 ---> Omni Heal lv 33 ---> 50% MP lv 34 ---> Miracle Slash lv 38 ---> Kazap & Gigaslash lv 40 ---> Gigagash lv 42 ---> Defending Champion lv 44

This build concentrate on sword rather than spear, Gigagash is better than Lightning Storm for boss battle as it does around 30 to 40% more damage but less useful in random encounter.

Personally, I prefer the spear build as it is more versatile.


6 Axe ---> 16 Humanity ---> 42 Fisticuff ---> 66 Axe ---> whatever you feel like

Key skill learn ---> Helm Splitter lv 5 ---> Heal (for early game) lv 8 ---> Thin Air lv 16 ---> Parallax(for boss fight) lv 25 ---> Executioner (Metal slime Hunt) lv 30

Seriously, those are the only essential skills he should have in his arsenal. You can do whatever u like with him after he learn Executioner.
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User Info: watcharaw

5 years ago#245

1) 3 Staff ---> 68 Fisticuff ---> 23 Whip ---> 100 Staff ---> 100 Fisticuff (223 SP)

Key skill learn ---> Accelerate lv 10 ---> Thin Air (for random encounter) lv 22 ---> TDL(for boss fight) ---> lv 26 ---> Kazing lv 39 ---> Magic Burst lv 43

2) 3 Staff ---> 23 Whip ---> 31 Staff ---> 78 Sex Appeal ---> 100 Staff ---> 100 Sex Appeal (223 SP)

Key skill learn ---> Accelerate lv 10 ---> TDL lv 12 (for boss fight) ---> Magic Barrier lv 17 ---> Extra Charm Attack lv 35 ---> Kazing lv 40 ---> Hustle Dance lv 43

The first build 's purpose is to get Thin Air asap for random encounter while the 2nd build will give TDL at lv 12 for early to mid-game boss fight (to compliment the more support build of the hero.)

IMO, Accelerate, TDL, Kafrizzle, and Kazing is all she need to be an effective team member. Evasion up from Fisticuff is useful in post game but Sex Appeal is more fun and cute... Hustle Dance is ok but not very essential as you have quite a few substitute in Sage Stone or Yggdrasil Dew for healing.


81 Charisma ---> 21 Fisticuff

Key skill learn ---> Chilling Chuckle lv 26 ---> Charming Look lv 31 ---> Evasion up lv 34

I go with Charisma right out of the bat to get Charming Look asap. It is an AOE move that only cost 4 MP, ignore defense & elemental resistant, and has a chance to paralyze enemies (which work pretty often, especially in Dragon Graveyard.) It could make mid-to late game random encounter a lot easier. It is also an excellent move against Empyrea and Darksteel Dragon.

Angelo is better off using staff for free AOE damage in random encounter before learning Charming Look rather than fighting with Sword or Bow in the early game so learning those early didn't do him any good since he is the prime healer in boss fight anyway.

Later in the game Angelo will become a prime ToT user and hardly attacking in random encounter. As a consequence, he hardly need to learn Bow or Sword skill tree until late-game.

You can't go wrong with him after he learn those essential skills mentioned above. Although, it is better for him to learn Sword skill if your Hero also follow the Sword build for effective Metal Slime hunting.

User Info: chaosblade11

5 years ago#246
Rule of thumb it seems is use all skill seeds you find in game on hero. He seems to be the only one with a skill set worth using them on. Basically Swords/Spears/Courage. The other characters are perfectly fine with only 2 maxed out trees.

Axes/Scythe for Yangus, with a few in humanity. Or you can stop at 82 in axe for yangus and put 42 in fisticuffs for thin air, and IMO if you are gonna give that to anyone, Yangus is the one who needs a hit-all attack the most. Only other hit-all attacks he has is flails (end game) and Big Banga (30 MP), while Thin Air is 2mp and can be spammed every fight, and you can pick it up early.

I personally like Bows for Angelo over swords. Multishot is really good on one target. If you got a free turn in a boss fight when nobody needs healing, its a great attack to use. Also cherub's/seraph's arrow is very good to have early on, you can use it instead of normal attacks to recover some MP on the side to use as healing after battle so you don't run out in the middle of a dungeon. Also Shining shot is a good hit-all attack for 10MP, weaker than lightning storm, but also more friendly to use because its lower cost.

With Jessica, whip to 68 for the +25 ATT, then put 100 in staff seems like the way to go. Dagger is probably the most useless skill tree in the entire game. Seeing how whip is so superior damage wise to daggers or swords. With twin dragon lash + gringham whip, I'm doing about 300-350 damage on one target with no buffs. The strongest attack in the game on 1 target, for an insignificant 3mp. Very spammable.

User Info: Deception613

5 years ago#247
I have literally read every post in this topic, and I am having some trouble with a single questions of mine.

Which builds go with which? I mean, It would help me if someone just said-

"Make the Hero Follow this build, and this build for yangus, This build for Jessica, and this build for angelo will all compliment each other."

Instead, I get up and finish the builds and all I have is four mismatched teammates.
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User Info: Sk8erpunq

5 years ago#248
DannyAIC's Character Build FAQ has great recommendations on which builds to choose (it has two builds for each character, but one is more recommended). I followed it on my first playthrough and had no problems. After farming skill seeds and maxing skill trees for my characters I can say that those builds are the most effective.

User Info: Deception613

5 years ago#249
I am one of those types that doesn't throw items away if I can help it, or sell them. Plus I tend to hate when one time items become needed for an Alchemy Recipe and you have to choose between them and the Recipe.

Anyways, my playstyle- I tend to switch between the Spear, the Sword and the Boomerang a lot. I never found much use for Fisticuffs, plus I would like the full benefits of Courage for my Hero.

Yangus- He is a bit more confusing. I know Scythes has his best weapon, and I know Axes has some decent skills, plus Humanity is helpful to a point in my opinion.

Jessica- I really don't know her. I guess what ever helps her learn all of her possible spells, plus to do damage. I am not sure how useful Sex Appeal is.

Angelo- Well I like the ability to cast spells with him should I feel like it, and I know he has decent power in the Bows. Plus he seems like he is a sword fighter, so I guess I would focus on how to get all of his spells, plus be able to do as much damage as possible with Bows, and still be able to get some good skills in swords.

Could someone help me with a build around that?
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User Info: Deception613

5 years ago#250
Bump. I would think with all of the posts on this board, that it would be a bit more active. Maybe that is just me, because I am looking for a question to be answered before I start playing the game. It is taking forever for an answer.
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