Strenght, Attack and Wisdom

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User Info: klutzfloop

9 years ago#1
Wisdom i assume is how much damage is done by magic, correct me if im wrong

as for attack and strenght.... one would determine damage ammount but which and what does the other do

if this is already somewhere then... my bad but i have looked

User Info: outsider90909

9 years ago#2
Attack is a combination of Strength, weapon's power, and traits earned for that weapon type.
Wisdom does effect damage for some spells, but only within certain limits.

The Game System FAQ has full details.
This user fails.

User Info: Little-Mermaid

9 years ago#3
Wisdom is for the purpose for auto attacks (when in battle go under tactics, anything BESIDES 'fallow directions or whatever it says, is an auto attack), the more wisdom they have the stronger attacks they will do on their own, or if you have them on heal they will use something like omiheal instead of useing heal on just one person.

User Info: TheTrueBZ

9 years ago#4
You sure wisdom affects their AI routine? Where did you hear that or how did you determine that?

User Info: Little-Mermaid

9 years ago#5
I read that in the guide and I know from experience.

User Info: fuzzymilIipede

9 years ago#6
[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

User Info: fuzzymilIipede

9 years ago#7
I know for a fact that Wisdom affects a character's damage with offensive spells. I have never heard about that AI thing; what guide did you read it from? It is not rare for guides to contain false information.

User Info: TheTrueBZ

9 years ago#8
You need to say more than you know from experience. Have you done any testing that controls for everything other than wisdom? Perhaps they use their more powerful abilities because they have more mp to use them with. mp would increase at level up just like wisdom. The notion that they would make the optional AI(which seems to be in place merely for time-saving) suffer from low wisdom does not make much sense.

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