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    Dragon Quest 8 General Information/Frequently Asked Questions Topic 3.0

    Disclaimer: All links to topics are currently made with the assumption that you’re using ten posts per page. Questions after [4.1] are on the second page.

    This is a board sticky, a resource used to find information you have a question on and other generally useful stuff that’s nice to know. This is ideally a resource to be used first and foremost if you have reached a roadblock in the game or are looking for useful stuff to know before playing. If you can’t find your question in here, then it’s probably too specialized, in which case you should look in the FAQs. If you couldn’t find it there, then the GameFAQs Dragon Quest VIII board would be glad to help.

    Table of Contents:

    Pre-purchase Questions. [1.0]

    What is this game? [1.1]
    Should I get this game? [1.2]
    What should I know before playing? [1.3]
    I heard Dragon Quest is a grind fest… [1.4]

    General Gameplay. [2.0]

    Is there a New Game+? [2.1]
    Which guides should I use? [2.2]
    Does the main character have an official name? [2.3]
    Is Hero's backstory ever explained? [2.4]
    What skills should I put points in? [2.5]
    I screwed up my skills/went down the “wrong” tree! Do I start over? [2.6]
    Where's the best place for Exp? [2.7]
    What's the best way to make money? [2.8]
    How can I revive people? [2.9]
    I put on some obviously cursed equipment, and now I'm cursed! And I can't take it off! [2.9]
    Since Hero is immune to curses, does that mean he can wear cursed equipment with impunity? [2.10]
    Where can I get a world map? [2.11]
    How do I Zoom to more places? [2.12]
    How can I revive people? [2.13]
    How/When can I get 100 Tension? [2.14]
    Is Tension any good? It seems like it's just dealing the same damage as if I’d attacked twice. [2.15]
    Do monster coins do anything? [2.16]
    What are the visible monsters on the Overworld? Should I fight them? [2.17]
    What can I miss? [2.18]
    What sidequests are there? [2.19]
    I can’t beat Dholmagus! [2.20]
    When does the Baccarat casino open? [2.21]
    Dragovian Trials [2.22]

    Monster Arena. [3.0]

    When can I start the monster arena sidequest? [3.1]
    How do I get to my arena monster menu? [3.2]
    Where can I get better monsters just after gaining access to the Monster Arena? [3.3]
    How do I beat B Rank? [3.4]
    How do I beat Rank A/S? [3.5]

    Alchemy. [4.0]

    Which items should I not sell for Alchemy? [4.1]
    What should I use my Orichalcums on? [4.2]
    Time needed for the alchemy pot to finish cooking. [4.3].
    How do I make money through alchemy? [4.4]

    Useful links. [5.0]

    Recruitable Monster Location Map [5.1]
    Treasure Chest Location Map [5.2]
    Monster Arena Simulator [5.3]
    Equipment/Item FAQ [5.4]
    Auto-leveling/farming [5.5]
    Game System FAQ. [5.6]


    Pre-purchase Questions.

    What is this game? [1.1]

    This is the eighth main entry in the Dragon Quest/Warrior series. The series in question is known for providing gameplay innovations seen in many other RPGs; for example, the multiple-party member system and monster catching. Its gameplay system is also currently the most "dated", as it features standard turn-based battles, actually appreciable difficulty, and a plot that lacks convolution.

    This particular game features gorgeous cel-shading that brings its cartoonish art to life, a pleasantly streamlined old-school menu-based combat system, and a simplistic yet enjoyable storyline.