What exactly does 'wisdom' attribute do? and a question about seeds

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  3. What exactly does 'wisdom' attribute do? and a question about seeds

User Info: MagicPirate

8 years ago#1
- What exactly does 'wisdom' attribute do?

and if you care enough, then please answer
- Who is the best candidate to use each seed?
- Strength
- Agility
- Wisdom
- Defence
- Max HP
- Max MP

User Info: MagicPirate

8 years ago#2
I looked into game system faqs, and I think a good distribution for seeds is
- Str goes to Hero (Hero will >75% use physical attacks, boost damage, Str seeds are utilized best him, Hero is a better candidate than Yangus because he uses boomerang, damage wise, Str seed works better on boomerang's user.
- Agi goes to Yangus, improve his weakness
- Def goes to Angelo, lowest Def of all 4
- Wis goes to Hero, low Wis of the 4, Yangus is the lowest but better usage on Hero
- MHP goes to Jessica, lowest MHP
- MMP goes to Angelo, for MMP seed, Angelo & Hero are good candidates, I think. But for me, Hero will have 50% mp usage, and Angelo's ultimate skill(s) requires a lot of damage while Hero usually use lower-MP-comsumption-but-powerfull skill like Superthrow, in my games.

Lv | Str | Agi | Res | Wis | MHP | MMP | Ski | EXP | Spell
45 | 139 | 110 | 65 | 192 | 442 | 227 | 222 | 975135 | -
70 | 261 | 162 | 142 | 276 | 593 | 330 | 278 | 3732785 | -

45 | 162 | 88 | 75 | 119 | 450 | 110 | 227 | 924195 | -
70 | 263 | 116 | 136 | 181 | 555 | 161 | 280 | 3486095 | -

45 | 100 | 148 | 58 | 275 | 363 | 293 | 234 | 1100083 | -
70 | 203 | 196 | 126 | 375 | 457 | 554 | 277 | 4149358 | -

45 | 139 | 128 | 63 | 258 | 398 | 211 | 191 | 1008168 | -
70 | 236 | 185 | 116 | 356 | 497 | 382 | 277 | 3802743 | -

User Info: Kamatari47

8 years ago#3

- Seeds of Agility shouldn't go to Yangus. There's no point trying to improve the weakness of a character who will never get very fast (unless you farm inordinate amounts of Seeds, which is impractical in terms of time spent). Yangus is so low-Agility that you'll never be able to raise his stat high enough to have him out-initiative LMS and MKS, so you should consider spending those Seeds on someone who can feasibly (with some help from the likes of Meteorite Bracer and Mercury's Bandana) reach that goal. Both Hero and Angelo are good candidates, and I generally give my first surplus Seeds of Agility to Hero.

- I'm not sure why you think Angelo has the lowest Defence, because Jessica is listed as having the lowest Resilience stat of all characters (at lv99). She might have lower Resilience at your levels, but giving her extra Seeds of Defence may become over-compensation if you reach high levels later. In any case, I don't think either of those characters actually need Seeds of Defence -- they generally occupy the back positions in your party, which decreases the likelihood of them being targeted with an attack, and they also get superb evasion gear (Dancer's Mail and Divine Bustier), which further reduces the likelihood of their being hit with a physical attack (especially if you research the Evasion Up ability in Fisticuffs). I personally prefer giving Seeds of Defence to the characters on the front lines (though that's not really necessary at high levels, given how high Hero's and Yangus's HP gets). Jessica can use a few Seeds of Life, though.

- Don't give Hero any Seeds of Wisdom. Hero has all of four spells that actually use the Wisdom stat to calculate damage -- Zap, Kazap, Sizzle and Kasizzle. Most players get through the whole game without using any of those spells much, especially if they've already trained Hero to be a Boomerang or Thin Air user. Yangus is an even worse candidate for those Seeds of Wisdom -- he has no spells whatsoever that use the stat. The only feasible candidates for these particular Seeds are Jessica and Angelo, and which of the two gets the Seeds depends on what kind of elemental magic spells (the only type that uses Wisdom to calculate damage) you use most often. If you use any of the Sizz, Frizz, Crack, Bang or Crack families of spells most often, give those Seeds of Wisdom to Jessica; if you use the Woosh family of spells most often, give the Seeds to Angelo. In either case, Seeds of Wisdom are not something you have to worry much about in terms of getting maximum benefit -- due to the very small number of spells/abilities that actually utilize Wisdom, these Seeds have an extremely limited impact on the game.
Sono niyakemen, bu-tsubushte yaru kara!
-- Souryuu Asuka Langley

User Info: Andvareel

8 years ago#4
As for what wisdom does, it basically increases the damage of spells over a certain wisdom range specific to each spell.

For example, frizzle increases in power between 100-200 wisdom. Under 100 wisdom, it will always to the same amount of damage- 80, but actually less in practice. At 200 wisdom it will deal 140 damage and additional wisdom is useless. The affect of wisdom between these points is linear.

And the difference changes between spells... boom DOUBLES in power from 150 to 200 wisdom, but some of the later skills require hundreds of points in wisdom to increase by all of ~65% in power.

So basically... sometimes extra wisdom is extremely helpful, sometimes it's useless, and a lot of the time it's doing something but not a whole lot. You really won't know the case unless you look at the system FAQ to see if a boost in wisdom will make a significant difference at your wisdom levels for whatever spell you're using.

A note on seeds... using wisdom on Jess or Angelo is PRACTICAL... it'll help a little as you actually play the game. On the other hand, at level 99, Jess is all of 4 points short of additional wisdom being completely useless, while additional wisdom is already worthless for Angelo. So, it's definitely a seed you use for immediate practical gain, and that's probably going to go to Jess.
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