Slime Squad monster team o_O

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User Info: Jyzzy

7 years ago#1
I read all forum & FAQs on my favourite RPG game :) but i hadn't hear any good word about this team. I'm really a newbie or just crazy, but i beaten rank B A & S with them. Maybe it's considered the weakest team possible but Ultrus is a uber monster, i cleared it at lvl 53. Now say to me why it's so cool Mazin'?oO i haven't beaten rank S with him even at this point, yeah i'm now 99 lvl with all my characters. Some situation with Triple Trouble. O_O Am i a newbie? Or just unlucky?

User Info: Diavalo88

7 years ago#2
Ultrus is weak because if 1 of the slimes ges killed before they combine........ the whole team becomes useless. Mazin's components are much more likely to survive long enough to merge. There are some MUCH better teams for taking out for those ranks though.
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User Info: Jyzzy

7 years ago#3
don't forget about slime's agility, yes it's right if one of the slimes atack, you lose the rank, but they regen hp on the next round, & always are moving 1st.

User Info: luigibeatsmario

7 years ago#4
Dont try Rank S with Mazin or Ultrus they tend to slip after rank A.

User Info: Garquill

7 years ago#5
Mazin beats rank S 50:50 I think.
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User Info: Jyzzy

7 years ago#6
i beat rank S in 80% of cases with ultrus. that 20% are when ultrus forget to heal himself or just baaaad luck.

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