ultimate dragon's trial

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User Info: ferrym

7 years ago#1
hey all,

I've just finished fighting the last of the Dragovian Trials, having defeated Divine Dragon, but I'm wondering if I'm ready to go and take on the final trial right now, or if i need to level more (i know lvl 65 is recommended for Dragon Soul, but i don't feel like grinding 20 levels).

my setup is:

Hero, lvl 45:
Dragon Slayer / Metal Wing Boomerang / Hero Spear / Uber Falcon Blade
Dragovian armour set
Argon Ring / Catholicon Ring
Items: Dragovian King Sword, Rune Staff, Big Boss Shield, Ice Shield
Sword: 45, Spear: 77, Courage 100

Yangus lvl 46:
Conqueror's Axe / Heavy Hatchet / Unarmed / Flail of Destruction
Dark Robe / Gigant Armour
Metal King Helmet
Metal King Shield
Agility Ring / Catholicon Ring
Items: Rune Staff, Sage's Stone, Timbrel of Tension, Staff of Resurrection
Axe: 80, Scythe: 81 Fisticuff: 41, Humanity: 26

Angelo lvl 45
Odin's Bow / Unarmed
Dancer's Mail / Dragon Robe
Dancer's Mask
Goddess Shield
Meteorite Bracer / Catholicon Ring
Items: Rune Staff, Timbrel of Tension
sword: 20, Bow: 88, Staff: 45, Fisticuff: 25, Charisma: 13

Jessica lvl 44
Gringham Whip / unarmed
Divine Bustier / Metal King Armour
Thinking Cap
Saintess Shield
Agility Ring / Catholicon Ring / Mighty Armlet

i've also got about 2 Yggdrasil Dews, 7 Elvin Elixers and 2 Yggdrasil leaves.

what preparations are recommended before attempting the final trial? i unfortunatly have no more Orichalcum or Golden Nuggets, but other then that i've got quite a lot of items i can use, so please recommend away.
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User Info: aneed4peed

7 years ago#2
You're fine in terms of everything really. Not much else you need against the ultimate dragon. Keep angelo and jessica unarmed for the agility/evasion boost (if you have them, you forgot to add jessica's stats). High defense will not help at all so opt for agility boosts instead (meteorite bracer, agility ring) and evasion armour. Maybe swap the timbrel of tension and give it to jessica. Angelo will be your healer so let him heal freely. Yangus and Hero will be the attackers with hero as backup healer if needed in emergencies.
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User Info: chaoyun2k

7 years ago#3
Just curious what Jessica's skills are since you didn't list them.

It looks like you have everything you need for the trials. Dragon Soul is not normally recommended for the Trials because you can beat them so much sooner, like at your levels. It is a shiny new something that you can use IF you are near level 65.
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User Info: Diavalo88

7 years ago#4
What are your monster teams right now?

I would try to make sure every member of your team has a way to revive party members. Hero should have a monster team that can. Yangus should have the Ygg leaves (or kerplunk). Angelo and Jessica should obviously have Kazing.

You may also want to grind your whole party up a couple levels..... not to 65..... but it is going to be a long and VERY difficult fight at your levels.

Unequip the weapons for Angelo and Jessica. They should be unarmed 99% of the time to take advantage of the fisticuffs evasion and agility boosts. The only time they should have a weapon is if they are attacking..... or if you desperately need angelo to go first you can equip a merc's sword for even more agility.

I'm going to assume you have 2 ToTs..... but who has them?
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User Info: ferrym

7 years ago#5
sorry, i accidentally removed Jessica's skills after i wrote them down. they're whips: 27, Staves: 100, Fisticuffs: 65, Sex Appeal: 28 (not entirely sure about those last 2, but somewhere around there, i'm working towards Magic Burst for Jess.

and yes i do have 2 ToT's as noted in the item list. Yangus has 1 and Angelo the other. as for my monster team, i have 1 team that's 'The King and Us' (Hev, Curer, Healer) and 1 damage team that i can switch around. atm they're still focused on desperate attackes (Steropes, Spot, Mornstar) but i have several others in reserve (Skeledoid, Nohi, Gryphus, Archdemon, Pa Troll) for high offense as well.

might be a good idea to switch Angelo's ToT to Jessica, though i'll have to try for a couple of fights on how that works out with the Meteorite Bracelet and stuff. what's a recommended level for taking on the dragons? probably somewhere around lvl 50~ish?

and i have Yangus using the Staff of Resurrection as his revival tool atm, because the leaves run out and if he has to revive more then once in a fight (which means i'm in deep trouble) i'm kind of doomed.
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User Info: Senta

7 years ago#6
My first time through, with no guides, I started taking on the Dragons with my levels somewhere in the late 30s. Finished it up with my levels at 43-45, with no grinding. Just levels gained from random battles on my way through.

I wasn't as well equipped as you are, so you should have no difficulty with them.

User Info: Diavalo88

7 years ago#7
^ I think you are mistaken.... I don't think you cleared the final trial (all 7 dragons in 1 battle) at those levels. IIRC the lowest levels EVER were around 42.

For your monster team I think you should keep them focused on crit hits... those monsters can pack a decent punch for most dragons, but the toughest one is darksteel and those crits can save you a lot of time.

It is too late for me to do math tonight.... but how many turns does your current monster team stay out for? If it is only 3, you may want to swap in some of your reserves to make it a 4 turn team (but with spot in there it is probably already a 4 turn team).

Have you considered making some HS cheese to help with tension? Since each dragon is technically a seperate battle, you can use it several times.
I use more ellipses then any person should ever need to..... ever.
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User Info: ferrym

7 years ago#8
my current team stays out for a total of 4 turns (each). problem is, they tend not to survive that long... the slimes can survive quite long because they have high evasion (and hev has his 999 def) but my assault team tends to be have at least 1 member (near) death after 2 rounds...

and the idea for HS cheese is probably workable, but the problem is the limited inventory space. with all his equipment, usable items and whatnot, he has about 3 slots left. (DS/Helmet/Shield/Armour/2xaccesory/BigBossShield/RuneStaff if i remove all his other weaponry).

but i'll go take a shot at it tonight, see how it goes. i'll let you all know (and i intend to give everyone at least 1 Yggdrasil Dew and/or Elven Elxir, since Angelo seems to shoot through his MP like crazy).
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User Info: Diavalo88

7 years ago#9
Do you actually use the big boss shield this late in the game? I've only found it useful for yangus when I don't have points in scythes.
I use more ellipses then any person should ever need to..... ever.
Veni Vidi Vici - Julius Caesar

User Info: ferrym

7 years ago#10
attempted the trial last night and i made it all the way to the ultimate dragon, with only Divine and Darksteel giving me any real problems. Ultimate, however, gave me very little chance to damage him... i'll give it a retry again later this week, maybe gain 1 or 2 levels first.

and i don't actually equip the Big Boss Shield (as you may notice, it's in Hero's inventory, not Yangus') but i use it as an item to reduce the Boss' defense whenever Hero has a turn where he isn't attacking (low tension and the like)
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