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User Info: Mikeaspike4

8 years ago#81

The other people that are hunting with you are what determine how enjoyable it is imo.
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User Info: eeyoreluv

8 years ago#82

Board hunting is a thing of the past, really.

A few years back, board hunting was what people did when you had nothing else to do. There was a lot more traffic going on the older systems then and topics were rarely locked. And Mike's right. If you were hunting in a pack of people, it was actually a lot of fun to see who was in the lead, what the people in the lead left behind and whether or not you could pass them anytime soon.
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User Info: Tak

8 years ago#83

[tags eey] you're it!
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User Info: DavidCarr8

8 years ago#84
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User Info: Bras

8 years ago#85
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User Info: _Lagoona_

8 years ago#86

*hides from eey*
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User Info: Penguin_Kirby

8 years ago#88

Board hunting was fun when there were others. Now, not so much since it's all but died out.
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User Info: hylianknight3

8 years ago#89

We should all board hunt some system just for the crap of it.
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User Info: emitnwod

8 years ago#90

I don't think I ever board hunted with a group...for me it was something to do to pass the time...I was always interested in seeing what was left behind by the others in the way of a interesting post and then trying to play off of that and leave something for the next poster to play off of...I admit when I first started I was posting "O_o" quite a bit but then I ran across one of Nick's posts where he tried to explain why he always tried to leave a interesting post on a board and after that I did try to expand my posts...sadly, i didn't always succeed...
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