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User Info: NoizyChild

5 years ago#1
It's a new ballgame, and most of us are looking like rookies again. So, here's where we give and get advice on the 12 newcomers, their potential positions (point, battery, anchor, meter burner, etc.) and good teams for them.
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User Info: CrzyNinFan

5 years ago#2
A couple of teams I've worked out so far:

Wesker (B)/Dante (A)/Vergil (Rapid Slash, can't remember the letter)

FEAR THE TRENCHCOAT BRIGADE! lol, but in all seriousness, Vergil's been working out alright as my new third for my long time main team. Wesker's better than ever with the glasses x-factor, although my Dante's been off ever since I started playing Ultimate. I'm still not sure how to completely integrate Vergil into the team though, in terms of assists and who should be the anchor between him and Dante.

Frank West (A)/Phoenix Wright (B)/Taskmaster (A)

The Phoenix Wright team that I've finally got worked out, with a decent strategy to get Wright out with some evidence quickly and safely:

1: Start a combo with Frank
2: Finish with Blue Light Special (preferrably in the corner)
3: DHC to Steel Samurai Maya Smelting
4: ???

Also, had the best moment ever with this team earlier, when I was able to use Blue Light Special to charge through a Legion and hit Strider.
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User Info: SkilletTheWhat

5 years ago#3
I'll gladly discuss my early findings with the game and my planned teams.

I don't want to count my chickens before they hatch, but Arthur actually seems legit. His new tools give him something absurdly frustrating for opponents to deal with, especially when supplemented by a lockdown assist.

Being an Arthur devout, it was nice to hear that keepaway was being buffed through the removal of airdash blocking; however, that is an afterthought now. His j.S is absurd. With some divekicks or quick overhead attacks, they don't necessarily connect if used almost immediately upon exiting the ground (assuming they even activate early enough), and sometimes it's even dependent on the height of the opponent. Similarly, many overhead mixups are easy to see coming.

If people complain that Sentinel has it rough because he gets instant overheads thrown on him like nobody's business, then people will start to hate Arthur. He has a spammable, completely abusable instant overhead on the entire cast that is lightning fast and leads to full combo. His j.S, the lance drop, pretty much activates instantly and you can use it immediately upon leaving the ground, and it will hit. He'll seriously be an inch off the ground and shoot back down with that lance. Plus you can do it in rapid succession. So, you can combo this directly into a low or just do two overheads in quick succession (if you're predicting they'll block the first and go low expecting the c.L followup) and it has been catching people I play with left and right.

What makes it so ridiculous is how fast it is. It's absurd. My friends have been telling me it puts them in an awkward position, because now they want to pushblock Arthur a lot more, especially if he has a lockdown assist to keep badgering you with this ridiculous mixup, so it's easier to establish breathing room. Approaching him is tougher not just from a movement standpoint (getting past projectiles without being able to block with airdash), but then figuring out how to setup a situation where he doesn't just drop the lance on you and score a combo or free breathing room.

Doom is Doom. No, he's Super Doom. I still love using him, he's still my best character, and the fact that you can mash his Lv3 for even more damage is delicious. Even with the new j.S, I find myself more comfortable with his old approach methods, but I'll see if I can implement that more.

Ghost Rider however, is very disappointing so far. There's literally nothing to him. His combos don't necessarily get very long or advanced, and he's just so straightforward. He got me a bunch of wins on ranked because of how bad he thrashes new players, but his combos aren't all that fulfilling. Plus he's extremely one-dimensional. At the moment, I'm thinking I might make a B-Team with him for fun, but I'm not about to make that decision until more time has passed so I can see whether or not people can find more to him.

I can't say I'm optimistic though, in all the builds nobody has discovered many new things and with all the crazy Frank, Phoenix, Nova, Wright, etc tech out there, GR has just been stagnant. I guess it's just part of his character design, but I'm a little disappointed.

On a side note though, Dr. Strange is a blast. His impact loops are fun and he offers a very unique playstyle. Perhaps I feel at home with him because his movement is so wonky... given that I play Arthur and Doom so much, perhaps I have an affinity for clunky characters.
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User Info: Eurashal

5 years ago#4
Here's a team I'm thinking of. Iron Fist (Flying kick), Vergil (Judgement Cut) and Nova (Undecided at the moment).

Hopefully this'll work. I plan on having Vergil's assist provide a little cover for IF to get in. Then start a basic combo with him. Depending on the situation, I'll use attack or meter chi (help my meter gain for Vergil). Nova's assist can help extend combos, but that depends on what assist I use. This is just a day 1 guess, but IF doesn't seem to need much meter.

When Vergil comes in, he will use his meter for Spiral Swords or Devil Trigger, depends on the situation. Hopefully Nova's assist can help with getting or extending combos. His level 3 will be used only to KO annoying opponents (or the stylish finish).

I think Nova can work as anchor. He has good tools, good damage output and the Human Rocket super to blast projectiles.

IF's assist can be used to clear a little space, but I am tempted to use Dragon Touch for the crumple, but I'll need to test the range first.
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User Info: Karsticles

5 years ago#5
I'm still rocking my pre-release team. Firebrand is hard as heck to use, but I've had so many OCVs with him, and even one perfect. Everything he has contains so much frame advantage when done properly. I suck at rushing though, so I'm still making all kinds of mistakes.

I have a team building guide that should be up within the week on IPW. I hope everyone enjoys it.
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User Info: NicoGrimm

5 years ago#6
Can you guys share some RR tips, please? I really do want to use him, but as it staands now, I'm not even sure how to do basic BnBs with him.
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User Info: ZeroXCDR

5 years ago#7
I did a day one team of Zero/Sentinel/Hawkeye (ALL PURPLE, so nice) to attempt to knock out the 5 ranked winstreak trophy (I'm OCD like that) and it worked out very well.

Zero is great of course, buster cancel relaunches from the dive attack anywhere on the screen are easy thanks to the bigger hitbox. Faster drones definitely feels like a buff to Zero's gameplan, they come out quick and still linger long enough to set up his shenanigans.

Hawkeye is pretty nice. I'm playing with the poison arrow assist and working it into all of my combos, the damage bonus is great. Solid keepaway game so I switch him in as safely as I can if Zero is getting outzoned, and put on the pressure with triple arrow + drones.

Sentinel feels just as good, maybe slightly faster. Does he still have the 4 armor points on c.M from earlier builds?

The synergy feels good so I may keep that team on deck, but with the OCD out of the way I'm eager for more in-depth Frank and Nemesis fun. I'll probably run Frank/Deadpool/xxx a lot, Deadpool feels massively improved and is one of my favorites from vanilla.
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User Info: Karsticles

5 years ago#8
Can you guys share some RR tips, please? I really do want to use him, but as it staands now, I'm not even sure how to do basic BnBs with him.
I got nothing! I would suggest abusing his burrowport a lot. Call an assist, teleport, or call an assist, chill underground, pop up kind of stuff. Lots of traps.

Here's a bnb from the strategy guide:
c.M, s.H, c.H, s.S, sj.M, sj.S, dp.M, dp.H, A+S, s.S, sj.M, sj.S, dp.M, qcf.AA

Sentinel feels just as good, maybe slightly faster. Does he still have the 4 armor points on c.M from earlier builds?
The guide says it just has one.
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(message deleted)

User Info: ZeroXCDR

5 years ago#10
D'aw, I think it was the first IPW tourney where Seth was encouraging people to use his c.M against DP feather mashers now because of the added armor. Bummer.
PSN / Xbox Live: PikaZeroX
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