Anagrams of football players names

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User Info: Intanos_VI

9 years ago#1
It'll usually come up with a list of loads, just find the best one and post it.

DImitar Berbatov - Bad Vibrator Item
Robbie Keane - Beanie Broke
Andrea Barzagli - Banzai Lard Rage
Jermaine Jenas - A Ninja Jeers Me
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User Info: saadtariq

9 years ago#2
Year Yew Noon
A Mentored Infernos
A Nonsocial Torrid
Saggy Grin / Angry Gigs
Android Finer

Cookie to whoever can guess who all of these are :D
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User Info: trentons_alt

9 years ago#3
Year Yew Noon - Wayne Rooney
A Mentored Infernos - Fernando Morientes
A Nonsocial Torrid - Cristiano Ronaldo
Saggy Grin / Angry Gigs - Ryan Giggs
Android Finer - Rio Ferdinand
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User Info: OgreMartin

9 years ago#4
Miran Burgic - Magic Rub In
Daniel Tjernstrom - Retard Molest Jinn
Wilton Figueiredo - Wedge Fruition Oil
Daniel Mendes - Damned Senile
Saihou Jagne - Jag Anus Hoe I
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User Info: saadtariq

9 years ago#5
Well that was quick :/

*Gives Trenton a cookie*
Hostility is the calling card of a weak intellect

User Info: Anoon_Bondara

9 years ago#6
Danny Shi**u
-Unhandy T*ts
-Hand Is Nutty
-Had Tiny Nuts
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User Info: Nomadic_Htdog

9 years ago#7
nice site great find

User Info: Samusbresolino

9 years ago#8
Alexandre Pato - A Relaxant Dope

Hah brilliant :D
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User Info: tomahawk2474

9 years ago#9
Rad Farm Plank
Hail Black Camel
Sly Hole Ace
A Rival Roach Cord
Wags Job Noise
Wry Bad Genie
Soul Loan Amok
Link Homo Jibe
A Calmed Ukelele
Dried Boa Grid

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User Info: sirchrisjbrown

9 years ago#10
Rad Farm Plank - Frank Lampard
Hail Black Camel - Michael Ballack
Sly Hole Ace - Ashley Cole
A Rival Roach Cord - Ricardo Carvalho
Wags Job Noise - Jose Bosingwa
Code - Deco
Wry Bad Genie - Wayne Bridge
Soul Loan Amok - Salomon Kalou
Link Homo Jibe - Jon Obi Mikel
A Calmed Ukelele - Claude Makelele
Dried Boa Grid - Didier Drogba

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