Is pique jewish??

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User Info: X MidnightSon X

X MidnightSon X
6 years ago#1

Translated to Eng: "Again repeated the same scenario, after a visit Barca boss of a State called Israel has also Barcelona defender (Pique) visited the Jewish state, which is considered the enemy of all Arabs and Muslims, where Pique prayer to the Wailing Wall, which they call the Jewish Wailing Wall, and their ritual Biblical hostile and provocative to the Muslims as the al-Aqsa mosques, which is the second and the third holiest shrine. "

Does that mean shakira is too? lol
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User Info: Hang_Ten

6 years ago#2
I really couldn't care less about what religion he, or anything other football player, is.
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User Info: SupersSaiyan7

6 years ago#3
Your no help in this topic then. I saw 1 reply.. was hoping it was an answer and not a pointless statement. now I've added to that.. ****

User Info: SaikyoStyle

6 years ago#4
An electric mouse Jew.
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User Info: OtAkU AnImE

6 years ago#5

Man the posts in that thread are lulzy.
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User Info: TheOther_Guy

6 years ago#6
An electric mouse Jew.

you can't mean.... a.... PikaJew!!?!?!!
Wishes i'd never chosen this username :P

User Info: PappinAce

6 years ago#7
Who gives a ****?
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