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User Info: Antipikachu

9 years ago#1
Inertia: Inactivity
- The inertia of the city counsel on immigration forced a reelection

Efface: To wipe out
- The war effaced countless cities.

Docile: readily trained.
- The bird's docile nature explains the owner's success in training it.

Enmity: Feeling of hostility.
- The enmity between the two candidates was blantant

Desultory: Lacking consistency
- The tv series was desultory and confused the intended audience.

Circuitous: Not direct
- The question was circuitous and could not acquire a response from the board.

Veracity: truthfulness
- The veracity of his statements in court is back up by the evidence.

Behest: a directive
- To the behest of the commander, he ordered the invasion.

Superflous: unneeded.

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