T.O. to the Raiders

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User Info: TIDQ

7 years ago#1
Owens to the Raiders

Here me out. Terrell Owens is going to be a Raider, because I can feel it in my bones. Al Davis knows how to just win baby!!! Also, Nnamdi Asomugha is going to start playing both ways to give a passing threat opposite of TO. Any rumors of Terrell Owens going to the Lions are completely overridden by me.

Now here is a picture of TO to make this seem more like an article:

User Info: daveypots

7 years ago#2
I went to this gas station recently that was apparently celebrating the grand re-opening. This cashier Jennifer gave me a free lighter, but it was a niners one, I asked if she had any other colors, preferably in the Black and Silver range and she said no but I got this...And gave me this Raider Nation bumper sticker that says LA Sucked.

I keep it on my dashboard so it's easier to find my car in the parking lot on campus, but I think actually sticking it to your car is tacky. Also, the Cashier was far from...acceptable.

WYB. No I would not.

WYB, pronounced W-IHB

Would You Beat?

It doesn't mean she's hot, doesn't even necessarily mean she's attractive, it just means you'd plug her holes if you catch my drift.
This post for rent.
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