Fellow fans, forgive me...

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User Info: Gouki_of_Borg

4 years ago#1
...but when I first heard about the term/meme "First World Problems", this game was all I could think about.

Vision without action is a daydream. Action without vision is a nightmare. ~Japanese Proverb

User Info: Ramza1

4 years ago#2

Well, at least you made me laugh. A little.
I'm not sure how, I'm not sure why, but I'm almost certain that you owe me money!

User Info: _Kaz

4 years ago#3
Yeah. Third-world problems include giant prejudice. Aaaah, I'm just glad we don't have 8th-world problems; I love me my bananas/
Fighter: "Mr Pibb", "Dr Pepper".. I'm onto you..
Kaz Fact: Welcome to Version 2.0!

User Info: zoogelio

4 years ago#4
... Or when you hear first world, second world and third world don't come to mind. Instead, Ashura's World and Giants' World come to mind.

User Info: Hesacon

4 years ago#5
Flo Rider has a 4th world problem.
SoV - Enlightened Oracle

User Info: DamageInc

4 years ago#6
Pure gold!!!

User Info: Srm the Kitsune

Srm the Kitsune
4 years ago#7
*Wipes tear from eye* This is so awesome! :3

I haven't logged on here in over a year, and I had to comment, it made my night THAT much! X3
"Guysh, guysh...relax, okay. I'm downstairs...okay? I'm tryin' ta play Star Fox, and I got a bootleg copy of Black Ops" - Kabal
Always 20% cooler! X3

User Info: _Kaz

4 years ago#8
What... is the deal... with MAGI?

I mean, you're craving power, but instead of getting it the old fashioned way -- by taking over another country -- you gobble up a bunch of these pellet things like you were Pac-man.

Nevermind how many calories you're taking in, or that there might be side effects, or that one of them looks like an actual heart, it's just nom-nom-nom-nom-nom.

Speaking of the side effects, they advertise rapid hair and bust growth -- just look at their spokeswoman Isis. (Or better yet, Odin for that matter.) What they don't tell you is that people who are pregnant, or who may become pregnant should not take MAGI. MAGI can cause birth defects (see Magnate's idiot son), extra limbs (Ashura), and constant flatulence (Apollo).

Just remember, check with your physician first if you're healthy enough to start a regimen. And if your friends offer you MAGI, just say NO to magical doodads that come from inside goddesses you don't know.
Fighter: "Mr Pibb", "Dr Pepper".. I'm onto you..
Kaz Fact: Welcome to Version 2.0!

User Info: LaevateinQED

4 years ago#9
Folks have just got to come clean, man.

Can't have any of those MAGI addicts running around.
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User Info: misterbum

4 years ago#10
I chuckled.
You became the boss. You are great.
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