Strongest Party Possible?

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User Info: BareknuckleRoo

4 years ago#1
Not counting guest characters, what's the strongest party theoretically possible party you can make in-game? Personally, although I've never used it, I'm thinking it's four mutants with this particular setup:

Maxed out stats.

* O-All
* Recover
* Warning on at least one Mutant to guarantee you don't have unexpected attacks (which can easily get you killed late game), Surprise on at least one other Mutant to get surprise attacks (does the probability increase if this skill is stacked?), other mutants get whatever for 3rd slot skill like P-Blast or Flare. Blitz might be handy on one too to reduce Agi on enemies if you're using physical weaponry for some reason.
* 4th skill slot is randomized
* Flare Book
* Heal Staff
* Parasuit (there's only like 2 ingame I think, you could probably safely do without one if your Def is naturally maxed, although that takes forever to do and is probably impractical in an actual game) or Hecate Boots to buff mana, you could put an extra weapon here if you've got maxed Def + O-All.
* Another Heal Staff/Flare Book/Excalibur/Seven Sword or whatever you need as the situation arises, if you need cheap weapons to use when grinding you could use them here.

Assuming you went into every fight with all item uses maxed out, each of your party members would have more than enough firepower/healing to last a while, and would even trivialize Haniwa if you had one or two people using Heal Staves each turn. I consider O-All to be extremely helpful even if Isis is in your party. The Aegis Magi when used acts as a shield and gives all characters O-All for the rest of the fight (this is what makes Venus so difficult to kill, she can be petrified, but only if you hit her before she uses the Aegis), but you can't always guarantee Isis will be quick enough to use the Aegis Magi before something like Haniwa uses Quake on you, so having natural resistance is still helpful.

Why the other classes aren't in the absolute most powerful group:

Monsters: None of the monsters in the game could contend with a maxed out human or mutant's stats due to how potent endgame stuff like Flare books and Heal staves are.. They have a harder time killing stuff as it is due to lack of equipment choices. Their main draw isn't their damage potential, but being unique and saving you money for other characters.

Robots: Early game, really overpowered, especially if you pile on Agility buffing gear and have them crush enemies in the opening turn. Later on, you can make them pretty powerful by giving them a ton of +Str stuff and the Excalibur or Gungnir spear, but their stats invariably end up being unbalanced. Worst of all, a total lack of Mana means they don't resist spells at all and they barely recover any HP from healing.

Humans: All of their equipment slots make for nice versatility, but they lack the ability to self-heal via Recover or Selfix which can be extremely helpful. Also, they can't get O-All, which means they're always vulnerable to something (even with a Parasuit I think you're not immune to lightning damage if I recall).

User Info: DCdemonic1

4 years ago#2
You're forgetting 1 important aspect when comparing mutants to humans, mutants gain DEF instead of STR. They can reach 99 DEF without equipping armor if you felt like grinding the stats up. I personally prefer taking at least 2 mutants who prioritize DEF and Mana with decent AGL and ultimately give them the parasuits. And like you stated 1 gets surprise while 1 gets warning.

User Info: BareknuckleRoo

4 years ago#3
mutants gain DEF instead of STR

For reference, both humans and mutants can naturally gain Def and Str, it's just Mutants have a much easier time naturally getting Def (compared to the amount of patience it takes to earn it for humans).

Humans get a lot of HP relatively fast: about 1 in 11 battles. Their approximate growth rate for other stats:
Str: 1 in 15
Def: 1 in 256
Agl: 1 in 18
Mana: 1 in 5.

Mutants' growth rate differs from the Humans. Raising Def is very easy for them: about 1 in every 7 battles. Other stats:
HP: 1 in 15
Str: 1 in 50
Agl: 1 in 18
Mana: 1 in 8.

Strength is a mutants' slowest growth stat but it's still way easier to train it than it is to train a human's def (not to mention weapons like the Excalibur make it easy to train efficiently).

User Info: DragonAtma

4 years ago#4
Strongest party, hmm? Include a human or two with parasuit, (excalibur or gungnir), six Seven-Swords, and maxed out str and agi.

The other two or three mutants will have no problem handling healing and tanking, while the human(s) will deal huge amounts of damage.

And if (for some reason) doing 3500 damage to a single target still isn't enough, you can swap the human's parasuit and two seven-swords out for a set of giant armor and do even MORE damage. Just be sure to have Isis wave the aegis! XD
Nagas on a plane! ^_^

User Info: BareknuckleRoo

4 years ago#5
Is it possible to raise a robot's stats indefinitely via bugs? I know the trashcan bug has the potential to seriously boost stats. My only issue with robots is that if you pile Seven Swords on them you need enough Agi to reliably hit enemies like Arsenal with them, and I'm not sure a couple of Karates equipped would help enough. Or would it? I've never stockpiled that many Seven Swords to try.

I know you can easily break 99 Str by piling on Sun Swords/Gungnir spears, if you could get max out their other stats somehow they'd be a strong possibility on a 'strongest' team. Especially if you could somehow build up their Mana which would get rid of that weakness of theirs.

Of course, if you're considering bugs and whatnot then I guess you could consider what would be the strongest team with and without abuse of bugs/glitches.

User Info: DragonAtma

4 years ago#6
Is it? Yes -- equip martial arts, use them down to 0 uses left, then switch them to another spot on your robot's equipment list -- it'll vanish but the boost remains. Unfortunately, other stats can't be cheated that way.

Speaking of which, the robot'll have to settle for only one seven sword and use the rest for stat-boosting equipment -- so unless you want to use that cheap method, you probably should stick with humans and mtuants. Although you could load them up with str-boosting weapons and swing your xcalibr to level entire groups...
Nagas on a plane! ^_^

User Info: BareknuckleRoo

4 years ago#7
Although you could load them up with str-boosting weapons and swing your xcalibr to level entire groups...

Assuming you use the skills bug to raise their Agi this is a good idea. If not, a Robot with only Strength boosting gear isn't anywhere fast enough to hit first against the enemies in the final area. Although, you could simply give a robot the Excalibur then give them Agi boosting gear so they're guaranteed to go first in fights; even with a Str of less than 70, few groups can survive a hit from the Excalibur.

User Info: _Kaz

4 years ago#8
DragonAtma posted...
And if (for some reason) doing 3500 damage to a single target still isn't enough, you can swap the human's parasuit and two seven-swords out for a set of giant armor and do even MORE damage. Just be sure to have Isis wave the aegis! XD

Pretty much this. This question does have a few more theoretical combinations.

From the standard game, monsters are immediately eliminated because they have a fixed growth. (They change into something else.) While very fluid and quick, this is equivalent to no growth.

Robots are possibly the best choice they have no Mana, but can boost their HP and AGI beyond 999/99 due to glitches. From that launching point you can focus on raising STR or DEF. With a 7-sword, or Xcalibur, having almost 200 STR would allow you to murder almost anything in your way, and with high HP (60,000?) it would take a lot to slow you down.

But without glitches, you're dealing with the schism between Humans and Mutants with maximized stats. Even if you have infinite patience, I think you have to side with Mutants just because they can learn skills. At maximum natural stats, you can slap on the best equipment found in-game. You can put on the Giant set for STR-growth, a set with Hecate for +MAN; however just a Parasuit you the most defense and frees up slots for weapons.

Going with 2 power-suited party members with 172 DEF and 114 STR/AGI, another with 166 DEF/114 MAN (the Hecate set) and the remaining member can either have 164 DEF/109 AGI (substituting Hermes for Hecate) or the Giant set (140 DEF/134 STR).

Each mutant has O-All to protect themselves, one with Warning, one with Surprise, and ignoring the use of Teleport or Cure, the remaining two have Recover. That means two slots per Mutant are not being used for abilities, but rather weapons. 7-Swords for everybody, Flare books for everybody, and leave defense (Aegis, Heart) to Isis or Inns (or Recover). For the mutants who wear Parasuit, they have an additional three slots apiece for PSI gun (2), Xcalibur (1), Gungnir (2), and either a Death book, a Stone book, or a Karate.

For in-battle purposes, nothing beats a good offense. Just make sure you have enough items in storage to keep your party well-equipped.
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