A story I wrote about this game's main character!!

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User Info: DoomTheGyarados

8 years ago#1
The man was scheduled to die, and he held no regrets. He was in fact a
terrible man, a very terrible man with no remorse for his senseless actions.
Murder, Rapist, and all around horrible human being, John Wayne Gacy is still
infamous around Chicago to this day as the “Killer Clown”, due to the many
block parties he threw for his friends and neighbors, using a disguise to make
the children laugh and smile in the full getup of a friendly clown. After
thirty plus victims and over fourteen years in jail, his time had finally
come. His final words to the world were “kiss my ass”, one final disregard
to the world of civilized behavior, the final of many. Many people came to
celebrate his death, and around a dozen gathered in the viewing room to
personally watch his end. One such person was named Andrew Williams, known to
Andy by his friends.

Naturally everyone called him Andrew.

Andrew was a man of slightly above average height, a shade or two under six
feet with a stern demeanor, or so it appeared. His blue eyes were hardened and
his face contorted in such a way that one could be lead to believe he was
almost in pain simply sitting there in the room. His brown hair was wild, as
if it had recently eaten the comb that tried to tame it, and his complexion
was rather pale, although he looked to be in good health and not a day over
twenty-five. He wore what could be described as a trendy business suit, which
was a dark shade of grey trimmed with black lining. He was a good looking man
in a good looking suit and he looked entirely out of place in the room,
positively bursting with an energy untamed, yet no one seemed to pay him any

Like so many others here Andrew was here to see the not so dearly departed
John leave this world, unlike the others however this was not a final goodbye,
but a first meeting, a hello, how do you do, would you like some tea with that
poison in your body that you no longer inhabit John? That sort of greeting
that was so rare not even once in a lifetime aptly described it, and with good

Andrew almost let a smile cross his face as he watched John futilely grasp
onto his life for minutes longer than anyone had expected, until finally his
body gave up, and the life left him. Andrew looked at his watch for a moment
while tapping his fingers, he hummed a tune for a short little while, knowing
that all good, and evil for that matter, things came in their own time.
Finally when his tune was done Andrew walked out of his seat, seemingly
unnoticed by the other people in the viewing room and made his way into the so
called death chamber, what a dreary name. Although Andrew mused that calling
the room “The room of eternal happiness and lollipops” might hit a few
snags in the senate.

John was standing, or more to the point, his soul, spirit, essence, whatever
you wished to call it, was standing. Andrew walked up to him unnoticed by the
technicians who were undoing the belts on the lifeless corpse in front of the

“Hello John, my name is Andrew Williams, I must say after all of these
years that I have waited, it is a pleasure to finally meet you.” Gacy was a
sick and vile man, but he was not stupid, nor was he unobservant. He did not
miss the look of glee that briefly crossed the man’s face.

“Who are you supposed to be, God?” At this Andrew chortled, genuinely
amused by the murderer’s question.

User Info: DoomTheGyarados

8 years ago#2
“No, God had better things to do than meet you. Like take a dump, or watch
paint dry. No, I am simply here to judge you for your actions, don’t worry
though, this won’t take long. You have never shown remorse, during or after
your crimes. You rejected any sort of redemption that was constantly offered
to you, and your final words were befitting a pathetic man like you John.”
Andrew’s eyes were cold, his voice impassive, although a very faint smile
touched his lips.

Gacy only scoffed.

“So I am going to hell? Piss off.” Andrew, at this remark, got a predatory
gleam in his eye.

“Not quite.” As soon as the words left his lips Andrew and the room was
gone, taking its place was a room very familiar to Gacy: His own bedroom.
Except he was chained to his own bed and he felt considerably weaker than he
had ever felt. Then to his horror he saw a man enter the room, and he tried to
scream, but no sound came out.

The man who had stepped into the room was John Wayne Gacy himself, and the
soul of Gacy was in the very first victim he himself ever killed. He would be
sodomized and killed by his own hand this night, and then again for the next
victim, and again for every victim after that. Every single one, again, and
again. Forever.

A voice floated through the air right before he was penetrated.

“No John, you can kiss my ass. Sincerely, the entire god damned world.”

Andrew was joined by a little girl, or what appeared to be a little girl,
hugging a teddy bear tightly against her chest watching the disturbing, at
least to normal people, scene take place right in front of them, the man’s
screams of shock and horror filling the air.

“You were always a creative one Andy, you know most people just send men
like him to hell and call it a day.” Andrew smiled wickedly down at the
young girl, who had to suppress a shudder at the vile nature of such a look.

“Those who cannot take what they dish out piss me off, I make them pay.”
I got pwned by FastFalcon, then got used to it.
Sir Chris

User Info: Hellraizer873

8 years ago#3
Alright. I'll look it over.
Attitudes are contagious. Mine might kill you.

User Info: Hellraizer873

8 years ago#4
Excellent, but I've already told you that.
Attitudes are contagious. Mine might kill you.

User Info: Achromatic

8 years ago#5
[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]
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