Zelda, Secret of Mana, or Illusion of Gaia

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User Info: lastelixer

7 years ago#1
Reviewers always say action rpgs are like Zelda, but these games are often closer to games like Illusion of Gaia (Alundra comes to mind). So for those who know better, which of these games does this game come closer to?
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User Info: GetSmart

7 years ago#2
Haven't played Secret of Mana(Played Legend of Mana though, game is confusing as hell), or Illusion of Gaia, perhaps one day I might. I've played Alundra(pretty fun, but hard game, was much larger than it looked) but that game is geared more towards Landstalker. Not sure what this game would come close to resembling. I also enjoyed it's prequel Legend of Oasis, but it was too short, and the world map was horribly small.

I would like to try and get my hands on Dark Savior though, as I've heard it's a game(for sega saturn) that's much closer to Landstalker than Alundra. Once planned to give Alundra 2 a go, but when I saw it bares no resemblance to the first in almost any way, I discontinued almost immediately.
if it is to be, it is up to me.
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User Info: Gaming_Mastery

7 years ago#3
It's because Zelda came first.
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