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User Info: OasisWanderer

7 years ago#1
My wife was gone to her sister's so I had the place to myself. Thought about whether to play games or something else; finally remembered Beyond Oasis and decided to play through it So at about 1:30 AM I started playing and just finished about fifteen minutes ago. Total gametime was 2:36 minutes, rank 15, Samurai,. 37/60 jewels. About 498 kills, 1 death.

Damn, it's been a LONG time since I played this good old game. Not nearly as good as I used to be - my fastest time is an hour shorter, and I've of course gotten Super Hero many times, with 100% completion right down to Elixirs...

But it sure did feel good to play Beyond Oasis. Wish we could have gotten another game in the series - looks like that will never happen; Ancient can barely get enough people together to put out a tower defense game on XBLA (Mammotte Knight).. And you know what's crazy? I don't even have the tiniest urge to play Legend of Oasis at all. I just never jived with that game...the digitized claymation sprites turned me off, and there was too much crap and too many Spirits - so many combinations, and I didn't like the easier combat system either.

I don't know, maybe it's just because I played this game first.

I should throw in Landstalker some time - a ridiculously longer game, but I played it around the same time as this and it'd be fun to go through. Same with Crusader of Centy and Light Crusader... Although Centy is just sort of too piecemeal to really be fanatical about, and Light Crusader is just soulless despite some nice special effects and ideas. What a lonely game!

Most of all I just wish there was more Oasis to play. I wish the first game was longer, I wish there were some time attack or boss rush or scoring modes. I wish there was just something to keep me in that gorgeous world a bit longer. I wish more people knew about the game and had a chance to enjoy it.

You still out there, Get Smart?

It's kind of funny. Just a couple of weeks ago we get the translation of the Japanese scripts. A while back we had a scientific analysis of the ranking and hearts systems. Before that we found the sound test code, after so many years. Before that we found out how to double tap C to jump faster. Crazy that the game was so deep, and so many little things were just waiting to be discovered.

Anyway, I guess this post is what you get when you're nostalgic at 4:13 AM. But suffice it to say that Beyond Oasis is a damn fine game, and really the only game of consequence from a publisher that obviously had some talent. It's just too bad that the games industry has changed so much, to where a little studio like Ancient can't really get the traction (or can they? Why not an Oasis game on XBLA, people? Beyond Oasis sold great on the Wii VC, so put it out as WiiWare or something.) I mean what else did they do, Vatlva? Car Battler Joe? Oh boy...Oasis was their one IP that was truly their own, and nothing since 1995 or whatever.

I think I'll have two Oasis regrets to take with me to my grave:

1) No direct SEQUEL to Beyond Oasis. What happened to Gwen; did she ever fully recover? And Ali's littler sister? Was everything really just peachy keen during Ali's reign?

2) We'll never know what's with that mini robot in the village house in Legend of Oasis. GetSmart knows what I'm talking about. Heck, we'll never know a BUNCH about Legend - not enough fans; not enough sets of eyes and brains looking for secrets.

Maybe someone can grab a hold of Yuzo...

User Info: GetSmart

7 years ago#2
Hey Vortex! Yeah, I'm still around, can't leave an account behind with almost 8 years of history behind it. I was away at sea for the last 90 days, and all I got out of it was a fractured foot. Now that I'm on vacation for the next two weeks, most of it to be spent resting my foot, unfortunately with no money, I've been thinking of a game to play that I have, since I can't really go out and get any new games that popped up this summer. Thought about Arkham Asylum and Final Fantasy Tactics, and then as I sign into gfaqs today and scroll through my favorite boards I saw Beyond Oasis had some new topics and posts, and knowing I have this downloaded on my Wii, I might just give it a try again.

Your post was pretty interesting, how when you return to an old game you mastered it's almost traveling back in time to when you first got it, you realize you're not still accustomed to the controls since you've learned controls of other games, and maybe you haven't retained all the skills you definitely had before, and it'll take a few play-throughs to build up that strength again. Happened to me with Metroid Prime 2. Made it to Hard mode, put the game away for a few months, and when I picked it up again, started hard mode and got my ass handed to me before even the first boss. So I had to play Normal all over again and guess what? When I got to hard mode that time, I haven't played it since, so that data file is waiting for me somewhere. Might need to erase it yet again because I know right now I'm not ready.

All my computer games are on my external which is currently failing, so playing Beyond Oasis on my computer is not possible, and my genesis is buried somewhere up in my attic that I definitely cannot climb up to get and figure out how to connect, so I'm stuck with the Wii. I say that because the controller doesn't agree with me with regards to that game. I still might give it a shot though. Not much else happening with my injury. Too bad this game doesn't have a sequel, or more games similar. I liked Legend of Oasis, but the way they crafted the mysteries and the world map didn't settle with me, I was disappointed and expected more, and the game itself was pretty short, it seemed like only dungeons and caves for each spirit and thereafter. True fans of Beyond Oasis definitely could come up with something better, if only we were there to provide ideas to those with the ability to make the game, it would have been more enjoyable, I know I always thought up better ways to do things in that game as I played it.

Landstalker is another great game, don't know if that's downloadable for the Wii yet. And I know they tried to get some sort of sequel(or prequel?) to that with Alundra, and I had no idea what the hell Alundra 2 was, like a completely different game. I've heard from you about Dark Saviour, possibly being a sequel/prequel and I want to try it, having seen videos of it, but don't have money to find and buy a copy and can't seem to get the Saturn emulator working for my computer, which would be pretty cool.

Got to find something to play, or I'll be spending my time trying to figure out how to get my hard drive to work or I'll spend the next several days just watching Prison Break. Hope you had a good summer. Never forget this board.
if it is to be, it is up to me.
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User Info: OasisWanderer

7 years ago#3
Nice to hear from you, GetSmart. Sorry to hear about your being laid up - no family around to help you out a bit?

I think it a lot of ways modern games are just bad for your skills on the old ones. First person shooters are almost all about getting a point to line up on another point - the kicker being that from any point on the map you can attack any other point without moving, because you have a whole 360 degrees of aiming ability.

Then you go to a game where your spatial placement in the level actually matters because you only have eight 'points' on the screen you can attack at any given time (like with the whip in Castlevania IV), and all of a sudden you have to be able to MOVE your little avatar into an attack position. That's a lot tougher.

Speaking of which, if you have a Castlevania game you should play it! I just ran through Rondo of Blood on the PC-Engine with an emulator and really enjoyed it - of course there's Bloodlines for the Genesis...I think both of those games are on the Wii VC. Check 'em out if you haven't played them.

You're 100% right - what we need is a fan-sequel like Streets of Rage Remake, using existing assets but expanding the mechanics and providing the same experience...just bigger and better. But as you say, that requires the right people with the right skills (and a whole bunch of free time!).

Alundra 2 was a mess, I agree. They fell for the allure of polygons back when systems had no business rendering them, and what you've got is a game that just aged instantly...so hard to look at now. Of course Landstalker is another game that's had some discoveries made, like with that censored Bath sequence... It's a bummer we never got that PSP remake - Climax is almost like Ancient in the sense that they are both small Japanese studios that just can't cut it in the modern industry.

Thanks for the summer wishes - you take care of yourself. We had some good times on this board. Only 5 years, but it seems like a long time ago now. You know, everyone has a game that represents a different version of themselves - a game that they played in a better time, as kids or teenagers with less regrets and responsibilities. The AVGN's is Castlevania. Mine is Beyond Oasis.

I need to play Arkham Asylum...
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