Wow, Gold Armour already :D!

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User Info: MonarchPaulos

5 years ago#1
Just restarted playing this ... very challenging pain in the arse game that really makes you think and at times- be lucky, and I was lucky, fighting those water toadstool things, after my 17th try in fighting them on the first floor I got the sacred GOLD ARMOUR!! Which is the best armor in the game, hilarious :D.
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User Info: SoIidLegacy

5 years ago#2
Sometimes you just get lucky. Not too long ago, I got Gold Armour on a B1 lillipads while killing them once just to pass through, I s*** you not. I was kinda like "LOLWTF?" considering how small the chance of that happening is, even if you reset the room and kill the enemies like 20 times.
I guess it's not really worth trying to get it, you just have to get lucky. One time, long ago, I got Mitt gloves from a soldier on B5. On a later playthrough, I tried getting it again by killing soldiers for over an hour. No Mitt.
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  3. Wow, Gold Armour already :D!

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