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User Info: haze5

7 years ago#1
Yo my friend made this mixtape using this soundtrack for samples. heres his message:

Nashinobi is a visceral combination of rapper Nas’ exceptional lyricism meshed fluently with the soundtrack of the Shinobi games. The goal of this project was to validate the quality of a marginalized genre of music, and to test the boundaries of what is considered “sample worthy”.

As always, I appreciate you guys taking the time to listen!

also check out his re-mixtape using Chrono Trigger.

User Info: Khalpz

7 years ago#2
It's rather unique.

Yeah I saw this on the R&HH board some weeks ago, great great job
"i was a mistake" - ahmedzub

User Info: Sugar_Jay

7 years ago#3
ill bump that for a dollar
"My inner strength flowin, I've mastered chi calm"

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