Any other games like this?

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User Info: BailorNinja

5 years ago#1
16bit or higher. I recently played Hagane which is kind of similar. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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User Info: Gauller

5 years ago#2
The Revenge of Shinobi, which is a few years older than this. It's slower paced, but has just as must action.
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User Info: Recoome_is_god

5 years ago#3
The Revenge of Shinobi for sure; just be warned that the first few times through will most likely end in failure - it has some infuriating level designs, and one particular jump that may well have you tearing your hair out.

Strider is also somewhat similar in terms of being a fast-paced action platformer, although I don't find it to be anywhere near as polished as Shinobi III at all.
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