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User Info: Slayersfan

6 years ago#1
My friend and I got back into playing on the Streets of Rage games on the Genesis right now, and we still cannot beat 3 on it's default normal setting with no codes. We usually can get up to the Samurai bosses but thats about it. Does anyone who is good at the game have any tips? I don't consider myself terrible at beat um ups, but man this game is pretty hard compared to the other two.

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User Info: TrillestBill

6 years ago#2
Haha! The yamatos? Dude I never could beat them either on normal with my bro back in the day, and still probably couldn't. I wish I could give you tips... Try poking them... although I don't think that works on them. Or throws. Cheapest bosses ever just about!

User Info: Formertechno34

6 years ago#3
Just hit often and fast, that was always my way of beating them. Don't let your guard down.
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User Info: thesdw

6 years ago#4

just break down and use the "super Axel and super Skate" codes. and it's still a tough game, but now possible

User Info: BareknuckleRoo

6 years ago#5
It would be helpful to know which characters you both play as, and where you tend to lose a lot of lives. Generally, I find I pay attention to where I've lost lives and focus on improving in those areas.

First of all, don't be afraid to spam specials. While the original Japanese version penalized you heavily for using specials on an empty meter, using specials in SoR3 on empty meter takes literally takes only a small amount away, so you can burn through specials to get through tough sections. Also, both offensive and defensive specials give invulnerability (as opposed to just defensive as in SoR2) so take advantage of that.

In two player, for enemies that cannot break free of grabs, remember that one person can grab and hold an enemy indefinitely while the other player takes out the remaining enemies. For instance, in the Mona & Lisa fight, they cannot break out of grabs. If one of you manages to grab one of the ladies, as long as you hold on she cannot fight, and the other player can fight the other one 1v1. The person doing the grab needs to pay attention to the other enemy though, because if they're attacked you'll need to throw/slam the person you're holding to dodge the attack (you're invulnerable during throw/slam animation).

This could also work to your advantage in the Rocket + Jet fight. It's probably the hardest fight due to the massive increase in health (and damage) versus the original version of the game (Bare Knuckle III). The Rockets always seem to respawn when you kill both off, but if you kill one of the Rockets and have one person grab the last one, then there's only Jet to worry about, and he's much less of a hassle to fight one on one.

If one of you is playing as Skate, Zan or Roo, Yamato should be the easiest boss in the game to beat. All three of those characters have an infinite grab combo they can use against all three Yamatos you fight. The only requirement is you know the timing and grab Yamato at one of the sides of the screen. Then, use a grab attack (Roo uses back grab kicks, Zan does slam, Skate does vault throw) that hits them towards the center of the screen, walk at them and, at the right time, jump and use a downwards (no knockdown) jump attack to stun Yamato, grabbing him again and repeating in the opposite direction. The timing for when to jump at Yamato is slightly different for each character though.

You can see how this infinite combo works here (from my run of Hard difficulty with Roo):

I haven't tried with Axel yet, but Blaze's throw moves Yamato too far for this to work effectively, and Axel's throw I think tosses Yamato the same distance, so I don't think they can do this infinite solo. However, with two players, you may be able to have the second player stand in the middle of the screen ready to use the jump attack and regrab Yamato even as Axel and Blaze. His attacks are, for the most part, avoidable as long as you're walking up or down, so don't be overly aggressive.

Like I said, other than general advice, it'd be helpful to know where exactly you both have problems. Keep track of where you lose a lot of health or lives and such.

User Info: Lutepin

6 years ago#6
Good luck. Obviously, BareknuckleRoo handled the question most thoroughly. In my opinion, the U.S. Version of this game is wayyyy too hard. On normal, it's possible but challenging, and Hard is just not even fun. One punch from a basic enemy is literally 20% of your life bar. This means (as mentioned) -lots- of special spamming, which gets pretty tedious. Unfortunately, the Japanese version is slightly too easy. I actually play BK3 on Very Hard with 0 extra lives to start, and beat it without continuing most of the time; on the other hand, SoR3 I usually don't beat when on Normal with 3 lives. The differences in damage and special attacks really change the whole fighting style required of the player. In the end, I would say BK3 (Japanese version) is superior; if you're still having trouble and have the means, try it! Plus, there is an English patch for it floating around somewhere on the internet - it's very good and very enjoyable.

User Info: pirajacinto

6 years ago#7
Another tip for the Ninja boss is generally the only thing you really have to worry about is when he'll do his jumping slash attack, which goes across the screen. ALWAYS move downwards when he's on that stance, as you usually won't be able to prevent him from slashing you. And don't be afraid to use your specials! Each time he teleports, he'll always go behind one of the players (usually the person he wasn't fighting), so be sure to turn around and use your special as he goes for his slash.

Also, don't attack him when he turns into doubles, as most often after his slashes if you try and strike him he'll do another quick slash. He has since become my fav. boss in the game because of his patterns.
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User Info: Slayersfan

6 years ago#8
Thanks everyone for all the tips, I really appreciate it! A little more info:

I've been playing it on and off with my friend on two player mode, just on normal. We have beaten the game with super Axel and super Skate, but to me that is kind of cheating, so we want to try and do it fair and square. I guess the most difficult part for us is after the samurai level it seems to get crazy with how many enemies come out and how fast they are. Also what are the tips for Mr. X in the robot mech suit? He seemed pretty hard when we fought him even with super Axel and Skate.
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User Info: Lutepin

6 years ago#9
***Before you read, there might be a SPOILER here***

"Mr. X in the robot mech suit"

At first I thought you meant Robot X on Stage 5, but you mean Robot Y on Stage 7? For both, jumpkicks work really well. Honestly, the only way I have ever been able to beat Stage 7 in time is to do an infinite jumpkick chain. You hit him and he falls down - if you are a certain distance from him (kinda far) he will get up and do a flying shoulder attack; you can jumpkick him when again he does this, then move back a bit, and repeat. It makes for a dull, repetitive, anti-climactic boss fight but it works really well!

User Info: Slayersfan

6 years ago#10
Sorry thats what I meant, I should have been more specific. The last boss in the game basically. ^^;
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