What other games can be considered as good as SOR?

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  3. What other games can be considered as good as SOR?

User Info: Sega9599

6 years ago#1
Realistically, I haven't seen a good Beat em up on the level of SOR in years. Sure Final Fight is cool, and the Turtles/Simpsons Konami games, but I still feel that the SOR games have so much more depth to them.

also not really a fan of the 'newer' beat-em-ups, such as Castle Crashers or Scott Plirgim Vs the World.

Fighting Force is........ooook, but the first one is so slow at times, and the second game has no two player! outrage.

Perhaps Die Hard Arcade/Dynamite Deka. I got so mad after learning that Dynamite Deka has like two sequels in Japan...whereas we only got DHA.....
There should be more sequels to arcade games. I'm waiting for The Simpsons 2.

User Info: Lutepin

6 years ago#2
I agree with pretty much everything you said. As far as classic beat em ups like SOR go, they just aren't made anymore. I've never heard of DHA, but I looked it up and now I definitely want to try it.
Once I played the crap out of all the SOR games, I was asking the same thing. I tried pretty much every beat em up I could get my hands on. From everything I've tried, I can tell you that if SOR games are your favorite beat em up, you won't find something as satisfying with the same depth. If it's more SOR you're looking for, SOR Remake is the best answer. After I realized that SOR is one of a kind, and found SORR, I stopped looking. There are some good beat em ups out there, but I can't say I've ever seen one that I can consider "as good" as the Streets of Rage games.

User Info: GoukiAkujiki

6 years ago#3
^ Perfectly worded. I agree 100%. If you prefer SoR style beat em ups, nothing can compare.

User Info: Desaima

6 years ago#4
What about Viewtiful Joe? It's not a true arcade beat-em up due to being single-player only (and has a reasonable sense of difficulty) but the game is a reverent reference to games of those days.
GT: Look up and to the left a little.

User Info: TheBrownRecluse

6 years ago#5
I totally agree with you guys. I've been looking for a game like SOR for years, but to no avail. That's why I've been playing through SOR every few months for the past decade or so...

User Info: Sega9599

6 years ago#6
There are so many 'meh' beat-em-ups, it's beyond a joke. And the 3D games just dont' seem to have the hang of it. The Bouncer, Final Fight Streetwise......

It's weird that Golden Axe has more sequels and respect by SEGA than the SOR series. I'm not going to lie, I love GA 1 2 and 3. 3 is a good attempt by Sega to expand the series a little. Not on the same level as SOR, but it's unfair to compare them. They're both good games.

although I guess you good argue the 'remake; of GA on the PS2 Sega collection doesn't seem to have a lot of respect going in to it....
There should be more sequels to arcade games. I'm waiting for The Simpsons 2.

User Info: igniz12000

6 years ago#7
God Hand. Probably the only other game I have put as much time into as SOR. I dont suppose you would consider giving DMC a chance? It has fodder enemies for the most part(unless you play the higher difficulties) but in terms of depth pretty much nothing comes close. I've been playing SOR since I was 8 and all these game appeal to me alot, maybe it might to fellow SOR players too.

Speaking of DHA: I think that game even had a spin off zombie beat um up game lol.
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