Does any have this game still?

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  3. Does any have this game still?

User Info: Lhunthangion

5 years ago#351
ShinChuck posted...
I have it too, both on the NES and now on the Wii VC. I really think nostalgia clouds people's visions, because DD2 NES is sooooo much better than DD1 NES, heheh.

DD 2 NES > DD 1 NES, for sure.

User Info: shadowcore76

5 years ago#352

User Info: Swirlz

5 years ago#353
then there's #3..
Jingle. Dem. KEYS.

User Info: ShinChuck

5 years ago#354
Swirlz posted...
then there's #3..

I liked #3 well enough, at least the NES version. It could definitely have used some work, though. DD2 was my favorite, addressing the issues of 1 while still remaining pretty DD-ey.

Part of it's nostalgia, but growing up, co-op was super important, and on those grounds I did prefer 3 to 1, but I'd have to replay them solo side by side to decide today which I preferred.
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User Info: shadowcore76

5 years ago#355

User Info: Econobrick

5 years ago#356
Yep. I've had it for 21 years now... I've gone through 3 NES systems in that time, but I still have this game (and the first tmnt for even longer)

Just played it again last night... got up to level 8 without dying... ALMOST got to the last boss without dying (or stealing Jimmy's lives)
But those damn ninjas at the end of 8 took one from me. :P

Aaaand, I lost the rest of those fighting the last boss...had him halfway killed though.

Played it again today and finished it.

I've never gotten past that damn cave maze in DD1 though.
Never finished DD3 either, but I've gotten to egypt a bunch of times...

User Info: shadowcore76

5 years ago#357


5 years ago#358
Just got DD Neon. It has most of the DD2 elements in it like the mission complete music and intermission music. It's nice that it uses Billy's DD2 sprite in the stage select screen.

User Info: magx

5 years ago#359
Yes, I have all three NES DD's :)
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User Info: misterbum

5 years ago#360
I have a lot of NES games still.
You became the boss. You are great.
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  3. Does any have this game still?

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