Mr. MF Mike sent me

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User Info: Ilovepeasoup

5 years ago#11
AVGN fanboys surround me.
...and it just so happens that I hate pea soup.

User Info: Kefkafanatic

5 years ago#12
"Mr. MF Mike sent me"

same, just got the game last week.
"I wouldnt trust a man who wouldnt try to steal a little."- Al Swearengen

User Info: norsemustang

5 years ago#13
Two other games that didn't make the list are Battle of Olympus and Flying Warriors.
"I drink to prepare for a fight; tonight I am very prepared"- Soda Popinski

User Info: Tribe Fan

Tribe Fan
5 years ago#14
Yes. Battle of Olympus was a GREAT GAME. Like Guardian Legend, it was also released by Broderbund and combined in the same advertisement.

I actually just played through BofO just a couple months ago. Amazing game.
"Please look up the manual for details."
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