Favorite NES game of all time!

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User Info: DrSlinky

6 years ago#21
Your tribute to AWESOMENESS has truly inspired me!

As such, I shall make this proclamation: After I get off work tomorrow evening, I will strip down to my boxers, grab a case of MJ bottles, and spend the next 16 hours on the edge of my seat, playing Heroes of the Lance while heroically guzzling bottles of the sacred elixir!


User Info: carlmarksguy

6 years ago#22
EQUIP boxers

That's just good mathematics!
Heroes of the Mustache

User Info: carlmarksguy

6 years ago#23
How was your weekend, fellow HERO? I hope you triumphed over many gully dwarves!

Even though killing gully/chasm dwarves in the video game doesn't help you win, I heard a rumor that if you kill enough of them, you level up IN REAL LIFE.

But surely it's just a rumor.

..................................................ISN'T IT?
Heroes of the Mustache

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