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User Info: calculusiseasy

9 years ago#1
Post your highest score.

I don't know if it's my highest ever, but I just got a 21-0 against Russia (I was Mexico).


I almost scored like 3 more goals, but the battle in the goalie box didn't go as planned.

User Info: calculusiseasy

9 years ago#2
This game is awesome. It deserves to to be played...

...and discussed...

...so what's your favorite team/special shot/strategy/player/stage/etc?

User Info: tyrob84

9 years ago#3
33 goals in first half. It takes 6 seconds to score, so 40 should be possible. USA vs Cameroon.

User Info: calculusiseasy

9 years ago#4
Haha...nice. I take out a defender with a shot if he's in the way, then make the goalie dive with another shot, then finally score. Usually takes me more than 6 seconds to do that. How do you score in 6 seconds? Total craziness. And USA has like a different special shot for each of their players. Which one do you prefer?

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