Sonic CD on Wii?

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User Info: JBauer2008

8 years ago#1
Could Sega CD's killer app ever come to the Wii?

Given the presence of several Sonic titles, both from the Genesis and the Master System available for download at Nintendo's Wii Shop Channel, I wonder if Sega has any plans of releasing Sonic CD as a downloadable title for the Wii.

I would kill for this opportunity, even if it was priced higher than the Genesis-standard 800 Wii points range.

User Info: MSRL

8 years ago#2
If or when it does come to the virtual console, I hope it will come with the original soundtrack. But knowing SoA, the chances of that are unlikely.
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User Info: Xaragon64DS

8 years ago#3
It should be sold for 900 Wii points under Genesis, because it's a Sega CD game. The Sega CD is useless without a Genesis but you can't play Sonic CD on a plain old Genesis, so the added 100 points could make up for it. Or just keep it at 800 points, but Super Mario Bros. 2 was 600 points because it was an import and couldn't be played on an NES (Japanese version, the difficult one.)
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