just beat the game...

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User Info: D_A_Kuja

6 years ago#1
on my real SMS 2, not an emulator.

wow after the credits :1987... this game is 3 years older than me... I mean it was out 3 years before I was born.

So when I was small I was too stupid to beat this game and now, maybe 16 years after I played it the last time as a kid, (because of nostalgia reasons) I finally beat it. Nice game, so many memories (regarding the first half since I didnt get far :D but I played thru the remake in the meantime)

Now on to some other SMS games (13 more to beat) I couldnt beat as I child but watched my bro do it instead...

User Info: requiem77

6 years ago#2

I can't seem to beat 'birdo'. You are supposed to wait until the bats form the complete figure and then go for the head, but when I do that it has no effect whatsoever. Do you need a minimum experience level or is there another catch ?

Thanks Jan
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