Toxic Tower, help!

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User Info: BostonRoberts

9 years ago#1
I scored myself a SNES and this game about a month ago. I got up to Toxic Tower last week and then gave up on the game.
I picked it back up on the weekend and discovered that with a lot of effort and swearing I could get to the bit just before the Squawks barrel where there's an ascending diamond staircase of bees. No mater what I do I can't seem to gain enough height on each bounce to hit the next bee. The super jump helps a little bit but it doesn't solve my problem, is there some kind of mid-air jump technique that I don't know about?

User Info: Kowbrainz

9 years ago#2
Press the jump button as you land on one enemy and you'll be able to jump higher onto the next one/platform.

Also, you can use the bouncing jump, or step jump as some players have coined; to jump a little higher when jumping off from a solid platform. Take a step, then jump when in midair from your step and you'll jump a tad higher than normal.

User Info: Griffinoid

9 years ago#3
The hardest level in the game along with K. Rool.
The Netherlands

User Info: Griffinoid

9 years ago#4
And Animal Antics, which I still cannot beat.
The Netherlands

User Info: BostonRoberts

9 years ago#5
My reply is a little late but thanks.
I used your advice and got a bit more height with each jump but still couldn't do it and got sick of the level. A week later I was showing a friend the level and telling him how impossible it was and without really concentrating I beat that diamond jumping bit. After that it was so easy.
I'm up to K-Rool who I've given up on, as far as I'm concerned the game is now finished..

User Info: Rodanguirus

9 years ago#6
You can't give up now! Which part of the fight is giving you trouble? If you can make it to the gas cloud segment with Dixie alive, it should be smooth sailing. Just keep Diddy out front till then. If you need more help, let me know specifically.

User Info: italiantrash80

9 years ago#7
my god how did i ever beat this level 12 years ago. Im making progress now, after dying 5034897459459732345955 times, i can almost make it to the halfway point.

User Info: Uilnslcoap

9 years ago#8
Dude, you gotta beat him. It's not, like, "Ninja Gaiden hard" or anything.
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User Info: BostonRoberts

9 years ago#9
I know I could beat him if I tried I just lack the motivation. Unlocking the credits and ending sequence just doesn't seem worth two or three hours of frustration.
Don't get me wrong I love this game, it's just that I never really enjoyed the boss fights all that much. But there's one exception which was the Creepy Crow Ghost battle which I loved because it was so short and it kept on changing after each hit.

Maybe I'll try K-Rool again this afternoon..

User Info: italiantrash80

9 years ago#10
finally beat toxic tower, whoa that took like 6 months.

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