anyone gotten this stats?

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User Info: Kai_Xer

5 years ago#1
Body 15/15
Stats 4-A.
without hex editing.

User Info: Waffen8888

5 years ago#2
Quite frequently. Often when I play as the Mongols, any children born to Genghis Khan wind up like that. Even if I name them the historical name so they get the portraits, their stats will be 15 A/A/A/A. I've had children like that with alot of leaders. Philip II is also a good candidate for that.
"Now there's a face to break a few thousand mirrors!" - Shirox from Dragon Force

User Info: kawaiifan

5 years ago#3
Hi Kai_Xer and Waffen8888 *waves hello* ^.^/

*cheers for perfect stats* \^.^/
kawaiifan misses her gfaqs9 ;.;

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