Retranslation and Region Differences: is there Interest?

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User Info: seocwen

7 years ago#1
So, even after beating the game earlier today I still can't get it out of my head, especially the music. Like all the Quintet games I've played, I can't help loving it despite its many flaws. Indeed, there was quite a bit they did wrong (I could complain about the gameplay at length), but then, they got the most important thing just right: they made it FUN, like cutting a bloody swathe through an issue of National Geographic with light hearted and delightfully awkward NPC interactions every step of the way (Almost reminds me of Star Tropics.) Then there's the barely coherent overarching story with all it's jumbled mess of occult references to lost civilizations, weapons born of an ancient biotechnology, history, evolution, the soul, monsters, and a strange comet that's warped all Earthly development. It all makes just enough sense to keep you wondering and wanting to know what the hell just happened. I for one love that kind of thing...

On the other hand, there's the Engrishy translation, which has really got me thinking... This game's translation is AWFUL. Surprisingly awful considering that the game's English text appears to be credited to Americans. Anyone with a decent grounding in Japanese should be able to hear the grammar and syntax of the original ringing through in this version. It rather reads like a first draft, like a translator tried to get the sense of things down as quickly as possible without having time to craft the result into well-written English prose. This is a game that deserves better. THIS is a game that needs a fan-retranslation... Who knows how much of the story might have been obscured by the localization team or translators? Is there even a region differences page?

It's a shame Quintet doesn't have a stronger fan base. I know there's TerraEarth, but when I see how big is I really can't help but think that these games deserve better. So am I the only one interested in this stuff? Fan-retranslations and region differences? Having played the beginning of the Japanese version I can tell you there's some interesting stuff there.

User Info: JockoMay

7 years ago#2
Yeah. Wish more people would play this game to see how good it is and all.

User Info: Xenesis Xenon

Xenesis Xenon
7 years ago#3
On the other hand, we're not obnoxious and whiny like english-speaking mother fans. <_<;

But lots of games get fan re-/translations...and to be honest despite the engrishness of the actual translation (as I've discovered an herb is apparently not engrish, despite the weirdness) I almost feel like a retranslation would ruin the game for me. I mean, I have a good enough grasp of Japanese that I could play it in Japanese anyhow...but eh. I don't see the Japanese version of the game being that much more coherent anyhow.

I hate the retranslations square did of FF6/Chrono Trigger because they sucked all the life out of it for the sake of script accuracy - unlike the woolsey versions which despite a few oddities were charming. I know it's not quintet, but same difference. Modern translators seem to have an abundance of budget, time and personnel but lack imagination. - Wars World News - The most chilled AW community on the web.

User Info: seocwen

7 years ago#4
I love lines like "You Spoony Bard" as much as the next old-school gamer, but even still, I think an accurate translation in good English would be an asset to fans who don't have the abundant time or energy necessary to acquire the Japanese language. It's not like having a new translation would replace the old one, it just gives people the option of choosing between smirking at broken English and digesting an accurate, sophisticated translation.

As for Square's recent retranslation work... The new FF6 translation sucks because it was done by Tom Slattery, a talentless ponce who thinks good writing consists of holding a one-man championship in purple-prose one-upsmanship.

As for Mother fans being obnoxious... Any fanbase that loves it's franchise too much gets that way, and frankly, Mother 2 deserves it a lot more than schlock like FF7. And frankly, after waiting 11 years for a sequel that Nintendo ended up deciding not to release overseas due to its own inscrutable caprice, I think a little bit of whining is in order.

Anyway, for those interested in the game's region differences, I invite you to look at the following very interesting forum topic at TerraEarth:

User Info: _Kine_

7 years ago#5
I'd personally love to see a retranslation done for IoG but I don't know Japanese and while I can program I've never done a rom hack before.

Maybe someone out there would be willing to take on this project, I know I would if I could.
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