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User Info: ZoqFotPik

9 years ago#1
(Was the "best character" topic)
Dunno if this was answered or not:

Zoqfotpik Posted 3/7/2007 10:55:45 PM
The Wizard winds up with a lot of offensive power.
The Cleric is big and slow, but gains levels quickly and has good power/armor.
The Elf has the longest ranged attack, but almost no defense ever.
The Dwarf is like a stronger Fighter.
The Fighter has lots of HP and good range, but the weakest defense overall.
(updated the Wikipedia entry)

MasterYoshidino Posted 5/31/2007 10:18:35 AM
From best to worst: Wizard, Fighter, Elf, Dwarf, Cleric
Cleric especially isn't good in the J version because armor is nerfed. You take a lot of damage anyway so in harder games you end up using Wizard or maybe Fighter or Cleric. Wizard is the only character that can one hit kill the red skeletons (and can one life the game). Just remember to be as close as possible when using weapon level 1-4, and keep distance for 5-8. Kill dragon by attacking it's hand. Don't bother attacking the head. Use jumping attacks on bosses to cross them up.
I am still arguing in my head about who isn't the best but hands down is Wizard > everything else.

vanillago2 Posted 7/4/2007 11:17:15 PM
1) wizard - pretty unanimous about this. his later weapons are just too damn good - range, damage, multiple hits. simply godly compared to the other characters. also doesn't suffer defensively for being a ranged character, unlike the elf.

2) elf - fast movement, fast attack rate, best range. he's a safe character so rarely gets hit. great character if you know the boss patterns

3) warrior - best of the melee fighters imo. doesn't suffer in movement (like cleric) or range (like dwarf)

4) cleric - better than the dwarf at least

5) dwarf - i just can't stand his pathetic weapon reach.

btw, how is armor nerfed in the japanese version? a couple differences i noticed between the two versions are:

cleric starts with less life, equivalent to dwarf.
there are birds that fly upwards in the first level.

what are some other differences? and which version do you prefer?
I am not the FOT!
~~the Zoq, the Fot & the Pik~~
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