Fangame I made for school.

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User Info: Yukova

9 years ago#1
Hey. I just thought the few people here might want to see this game about Beowulf I made for school that uses sprites from the King of Dragons. I made this using a language called BlitzMax, and if you want more information about the game you can just look in the Readme.
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User Info: tanookium

9 years ago#2
lol gonna try it out :D

User Info: Dark Cyan

Dark Cyan
8 years ago#3
posting to remind myself to take a look
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User Info: Mage_Of_Flames

8 years ago#4
*downloads* Will give impressions later.

User Info: Rankarana

8 years ago#5
Anyone here still ****ing Rolo? *spoilers for R2*... I do. What an ass.- Starks

User Info: J_A333

8 years ago#6
Has anybody tried it yet? I might, but the lack of any responses after people downloaded it scares me :S

User Info: Yengeon

8 years ago#7
neat game. sprites from King of Dragons and is the background TES4: oblivion?
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User Info: Yukova

8 years ago#8
Yup, the backgrounds are from Oblivion.

User Info: Mage_Of_Flames

8 years ago#9
I got to the second fight and then I got stuck(I guess you could say), in the top "row" of the map. I couldn't hit the boss but she could hit me with rocks. Other wise it was fun.
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